An Experiment

Well, Uncle said that he thought gunboggers were in an echo chamber, so JP said "Uncle says that a lot of gunbloggers just link to other blogs," so I'm linking to JP to see if someone else will link to me. Eventually, I hope to see Uncle link back to himself, like a Giant Hadron Collider. Maybe we'll discover a new type of sub atomic particle!

...or maybe it will fizzle out here.


KurtP said...

It won't work because about three days from now- a hex nut that someone forgot will interrupt the flow of awesomeness and create a singularity of hoplophobia that darkens the entire universe.

It's true, I watched it happen.

bluesun said...


JP said...

Try it anyway!

bluesun said...

We'll see what happens, anyway!

KurtP said...

Ok, here's the first try.

Word ver= poonscin?
Like "I walked into this theater and she was showing her poonscin"?