Newest additions, in no particular order:

Mudbug at Zydeco Ranch, a fellow Coloradan, though further down and east than me.

BK at Cowgirl Photography, who, in my humble opinion, has a gift with taking and making some pretty nice pictures.

CoolChange at Tranquility Lost, with some rather entertaining jokes.

Quizikle, thoughts from a Yankee, who lived in the south, and now lives in the west.


Ed Hering at Atomic Fungus, coming from the great quagmire state that is Illinois; no wonder he's still on livejournal...

All these folks have either commented, linked to me on a regular basis (or at least enough that I noticed), or put me on their blogrolls--as always, if you link to me one way or another, and I notice (not always an easy proposition) I'll be happy to link back to you if you don't look too crazy!


Anonymous said...

Well, thanks! I desperately need to get some new stuff up soon.

Mudbug said...


Thanks for the mention, like BK, I got to put some stuff up so people won't think I "went Galt".

CoolChange©© said...

Thanks for the mention!

bluesun said...

More content is always better-- Welcome all!