Beltman Belt: Year After

So it was exactly one year ago that I wrote my initial review on a Beltman belt.  Since Butch reminded me about it with his post the other day, I figured now was a good time for a long term update.  I've worn it probably 85% of the days in between then and now, though I haven't always had a gun on it (as I switched mainly to the SW642 over the summer, and occasionally didn't wear this belt then). I am still surprised how comfortable it is every time I put it on.

The belt itself has been broken in over the last year, to the classic "belt banana" shape.

There is a small amount of wear around the buckle region, superficial, but there is no sign of cracked leather or anything like actual damage.

I put Obenauf's on it occasionally, which keeps it in good condition and keeps the squeaks down.  I also loctited the screws holding on the buckle, as suggested by the maker.  For everyone out there who carries a firearm on their belt and who don't have something like this belt, I really really, really urge you to try something specifically made for the purpose.  It makes life so much more comfortable, which in turn makes you much more likely to carry, which was the whole point of the exercise to begin with.

And while I'm on the subject, and because Butch asked, I'll throw up a couple pictures of the "BLACKHAWK! Leather Compact Askins-style" holster I use for my XD.

A few dings on it here and there and the belt loops have stretched a bit to fit the thick leather of the belt, but still fits tight and secure, and holds in the XD, even though games of hackey-sack and such.  While I realize now that I coulda/shoulda/woulda bought a custom leather holster of greater beauty for not much more money, this is a quality product, it's what I have, and I would have no qualms recommending it to anyone else.

And for the FCC/FTC/FAA/FBI/FAC/FETCETERA:  My stuff.  Money was earned, money was exchanged, for products, and life went on.  Not that you would have any idea about real life, you useless, big brotherly, government hacks.

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Butch Cassidy said...

My original Crossbreed belt is in similar shape after two years, but as with all of my belts, the rear belt loop of my pants has crushed the area of the belt beneath it. I have no doubt that my new (smaller, yay!) one will serve me well.

Also, having grown up in a law-enforcement household, I have developed a fondness for simple black leather holsters. It seems like dressy "court holsters" were always something from Don Hume, Strong, or Gould & Goodrich. Never truly fancy.