Yesterday we got the back yard raked up--hopefully there won't be many more leaves back there, as the dogs are always dragging them in to the house. Then got the sprinklers blown out, winterized for the year. Made some modifications on the little pump house to make it easier to perform maintenance on the pump--I think next spring I'm going to pour a concrete pad for it to sit on to help alleviate some corrosion issues. My mother bought a ton of apples and cooked them down for hours and hours and added sugar and spice and made her famous apple butter. Nothing at all like that bland pasty stuff you get at the store. Then I fried up some green tomatoes from the very last stragglers from the garden to go with the pork chops my mother made. A good, classic fall day.


Southern Belle said...

yum! fried green tomatoes are the bomb!

Spikessib said...

Green tomato soup is pretty good, too, if you have enough. I always hate to sacrifice that many early and don't often have enough late ones.