Sigh (or Yay, I guess)

It's currently snowing, and the weather says it will be till 8:00 or so. Probably the best snow we've had all season down in the valley (not that that's saying much). No one's gone through our mailbox yet, which is a plus.

My uncle the mechanic sent an email yesterday from Belize; it was 85, he was sitting on the beach. Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

But it's good to finally get some snow, it's been really dry so far this year. Last week we set a record high of 58 one day. Coulda worn shorts! Today, though, I think I may just leave for work a little later than usual. A body gets tired of yelling at all the morons on the highway who are trying to kill themselves and you in a single impressive piece of burning wreckage.

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