It's COLD out there, kiddies

By golly, but it's cold out there. Three days of not breaking 0 Fahrenheit! Usually there is a week like this at the end of January. Now I wonder what the end of January is going to be like next year! In case anyone wants to know where I am, you can pretty much look at a temperature map of the lower 48, and put your finger in the middle of the coldest spot.

Unfortunately, I also had a job interview today, which meant I had to wear flimsy dress clothes. Apart from being chilly, though, it seemed to go ok.

Luckily, I also just got a coupla heavy chamois shirts that I ordered from Cabela's today. Now I have a hot meal in me, warm clothes on me, and a homebrewed stout in my hand. Tomorow is still going to be cold, but things are looking up.

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