Canadian Zenn Kehr

And as Jeremy Clarkson would say, "Nought to 60 in 5.7 billion years!"

Electric cars (or "kehrs," if you're Canadian) are great... if you never go 20 miles from home, never use the highway, never need to carry anything heavy, and don't mind buying new batteries every few years.


Woke up this morning to a lovely view of this:

What the heck!  Did it follow me home from Wyoming?  IT'S NEARLY MAY!  OUR TOMATOES HAVE BLOSSOMS ON THEM!

I don't know where the Algor went, but I wish he would give me his global warming. I'd better drive another 100 miles in my truck, we obviously need some more CO2 around here.

Oh yeah, and now, at 11:00 am, it's 45 degrees, sunny, and snowing again.

I'm home

And continuing the theme of the past few days


Going downhill

Great. They lost my airplane. It's not here, at least, and it should be by now.

Delays, delays, delays...


In Denver now, finally got out of the snow. Missed the connecting fight, though, so now I'm Delayed In Airport.

Good times...

Good golly

This little airport has more TSA agents than passengers...


Drove out to the mine for the interview and tour in a snowstorm, then dove back to town in a snowstorm. Now I'm waiting in the airport in a snowstorm. Hopefully we'll have an opening and I'll get to Denver today; I'd hate to have to rent another car just so I can drive to a hotel and back.

Since I'm here

And since I did John Denver yesterday, might as well


Sitting around

Got to WY on the smallest, bumpiest little plane I've ever been on, drive around town for a few hours, went to dinner with a couple of the guys in the maintenance engineering department at [very large coal mine], had steak, and now I'm blogging on my phone, reading about all those east coast bloggers meeting up and having fun, and watching our one and only lovely communist senator blab about health care or something on the tv.

Forgive me now if I say, "Shut up, Bernie."

Terminal Terminal

Man, the flight out of Denver to Gillette is at the terminal about as far away from "go" as is physically possible.

It's not as bad as all that

But still, I'm


Wyoming Tomorrow

Going to fly up to interview with [very large coal mine] in Wyoming tomorrow. Be back Friday afternoon.

Still not convinced this is the job for me (though I suppose the interview and tour will help with that), and recent events with the neighbors have made me even more doubtful in the wisdom of leaving my mother home alone.

But sometimes you just have to buck up and live life. We'll see what happens.

Tell Algor that I found his Global Warming

It snowed yesterday.

Books of 2011: Tolkien

Haven't done one of these for a while, but I assure you that I have been reading.  I actually finished these books a couple months ago, but I guess I was lazy and didn't feel like writing about them.  Actually, I still feel a little lazy, so don't expect too much.

The Lord of the Rings. We watched the movies, so I had to re-read the books.  Had to.  Started with "The Hobbit," then progressed through "The Fellowship of the Ring," "The Two Towers," and "The Return of the King."  What can I say about this granddaddy (or at least granduncle) of modern fantasy epics?  If you haven't read it, you probably aren't on the internet to read my blog.

Though maybe a bit slow to modern tastes, it's good, it's engrossing, it has amazing world building, and I still can't get over how they left out the ending in the movies.

I give the four books a collective 9.5/10

Planetary Defense Net Phase One

The Biggest Lasers EVER (exawatts! that's 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 watts!) are going to be built somewhere in Europe, it sounds, by 2015.  I notice the list of things they are planning to research conveniently leaves out Blowing Crap Up--but you know that some scientist is going to write his initials on an asteroid when no one is looking.

Ugly Rock and Rollers

Part 1: Steve Howe



Sorry for the light blogging;  the internet is being wonky again.  That time of month, or something.

Since I did that Creed video the other day

Here's a Mark Tremonti solo:


The Real Easter Bunny

This little furball was right outside the window from our Easter Dinner, rummaging in the grass.

Minecraft Poptart Cat?

In case you missed it, the original Poptart Cat.

Minecraft: Is there anything it can't do?

Yes. The only band.

If I had to chose only one band I could listen to for the rest of my life, Yes would be close to the top of the list.

But that doesn't mean that this video isn't a little bit silly. These guys always "take themselves a little bit too seriously," as my mother complained when 90125 was the only album I listened to for a month straight in High School.

I'm curious--what band would you choose if you could only have one?



Easter a holiday that occurs on the first Sunday after the full moon following the northern hemisphere's vernal equinox, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. FYI.



The first produce to come out of our garden this year:

I made a rhubarb sauce (secret ingredients: butter and amaretto liqueur) to go on ice cream.  From the garden to your mouth!  I think I've been volunteered to make a rhubarb crumble or pie for Easter dinner, too.

I couldn't help but to steal this

From Borepatch comes the coolest thing I think I've ever seen.  So many references...

Ooooh! And there's a sequel!

Another hobby?

A friend who reloads is coming over to go through my dad's old reloading stuff (since I have no idea what's out there).  I wonder if there's actually enough stuff out there to, you know, actually MAKE anything...

Quote of the Debt

From the Adaptive Curmudgeon:
The debt crossed a Rubicon of scale.  It went to a whole different dimension of huge.  It is pegged at new and utterly unimaginable levels that have never before existed in any place, in any time, for any society, since the dawn of time.  Read that sentence back to yourself; “levels of debt that have never before existed in any place, in any time, for any society, since the dawn of time”.  You may disagree with my politics but that sentence is absolutely true.  The number really has dwarfed all that came before it.  Folks can try to pretend it doesn’t matter but they can’t pretend this has happened before.  Phrases like “largest ever in humanity’s span of existence” are not exaggeration.
Look at the numbers. Try to argue.

Oooo, 90's jazz hip-hop


News knowledge quiz

Take the quiz here.

11/11, first try, baby!  You're looking at the top 2% of the country when you're looking at me.

And jeeze, isn't that pretty depressing when you stop to think about it...

LEGO Starcraft: Working Siege Tank

Eat hot LEGO death, evil LEGO Zerg!

Howabouta little Scott Stapp?

With a ridiculously cheesy CGI video!

Come on, admit it. You thought that it was ridiculous.


Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

A repost of a song from last year, but now there's a video up on Youtube that has the music, which wasn't around last year (it's a choir from the Phillipines, I think, but it's still the same song).

When you prayed beneath the trees,
It was for me, O Lord;
When you cried upon your knees,
How could it be, O Lord?
When in blood and sweat and tears,
You dismissed your final fears,
When you faced the soldiers’ spears,
You stood for me, O Lord.

When their triumph looked complete,
It was for me, O Lord;
When it seemed like your defeat,
They could not see, O Lord!
When you faced the mob alone,
You were silent as a stone,
And a tree became your throne;
You came for me, O Lord.

When you stumbled up the road,
You walked for me, O Lord;
When you took your deadly load,
That heavy tree, O Lord;
When they lifted you on high,
And they nailed you up to die,
And when darkness filled the sky,
It was for me, O Lord.
-Christopher Idle

DIY Civilization


(if you're using a reader, there is a video here)

My friend (who is working on a RepRap machine) has the plans for a DIY foundry.  Maybe we could try making a tractor?

The new census data is in...

Which of course means that it's time for the redistricting battles to begin!

First, a little bit of CO backstory: The Western Slope (where I live) is a more rural area of Colorado, and a Republican stronghold, with people who are generally conservative. Boulder is on the more RED REVOLUTION! WORKERS UNITE! FREE ECO-GROWN PATCHOULI AND ARUGULA FOR ALL! side of the spectrum, about as far away culturally as you can get from the west side of the state.

Now, here in Colorado we have a saying: "The whiskey's for drinking and the water's for fighting." The Western Slope has much fewer people than the Front Range (where Boulder is), but we have much more water (Colorado River, anyone?). And the easterners are always trying to steal the west's water.

Enter the redistricting! The Republican proposals all keep things relatively the same. The Democrats proposals--every single last one of them--cuts up the west slope and puts my county in the same district as Boulder. Can you say, "blatant power grab," anyone? Then the D's have the gall to say to the R's "There is a blatant cracking of Hispanic voters in the Republican maps. This is just a slap in the face to so many Hispanics." (Dan Pabon, Dumb-Denver) Oh, like you're so morally superior by slapping my face with YOUR excellent idea?  And who said that all Hispanics vote the same way?

Rather than descend into a rambling string of incoherent obscenities now, like I'm doing in my head, instead I'll put down a few quotes from some newspapers from around the state.

From the Pueblo Chieftain

We can’t see any practical, rational value in throwing all congressional districts into a gerrymandered map that would give the Denver metro area an undue influence on all of Colorado’s congressional districts. Sen. Heath’s maps constitute a politically cynical ploy that’s beneath any serious statesman.

From the Durango Herald:
Although redistricting is all about politics, it must not be blatantly, and abusively, partisan.
The issue is not as clear cut as the GOP wants to make it seem, but the Dems have it wrong.

From my very own Daily Sentinel:
That creative packaging of blue-collar Democrats and far-right Republicans would be the equivalent of a forced marriage between the Hatfields and McCoys, even if you ignore their battles over water and other matters.
And to sum it up, from Don Coram, R-Montrose
“I am very angry that you call it ‘city integrity’ but there isn’t any rural integrity. The maps drawn by Democrats could result in seven congressmen living within a mile of Denver International Airport. The Western slope, Eastern plains, any chances of us electing a representative from those areas under any of your plans would be minimal. I’m deeply disappointed.”

Bah.  Feh.  A pox on all their houses.

That's like... pulling teeth with a model rocket

Or rather, it IS pulling teeth with a model rocket.


I appear to have been derelict in my duty, and didn't find a weird song for you today.

I know, I know, it's the highlight of your day.  Sorry.  You'll just have to move on.


Deep breath

I have been invited up to the mine in WY for a real interview/tour in a week or two.  They're going to buy me plane tickets and a hotel room. So I've got some new chino's ordered--other than that I should wear my "steel-toed boots and a comfortable shirt." 

I'm alternating between terror and excitement, as I guess could be expected.  The same thing happened when I moved north 700 miles to go to college.

And, whatever else happens, I guess it's nice to know that I'm not completely unemployable.  And if I do move to eastern Wyoming, where there's a girl behind every tree (but don't ask how many trees there are),  at least they just moved to Constitutional Carry, so I won't have to worry about getting a new permit right away...

And in the vein of yesterday's post...

A real slide player doing "In my time of dying"


A tractor

From the antique tractor club's plow day over the weekend:

There were 6 running, but I think I liked this picture the most.  The oldest was made in the mid-40's, and the newest was late 50's.  I got dirty and sunburned, and had a great time.

Holy Moly

We just had a bit of a freak hail storm.  The garden is pretty well flooded, but everything looked like it's still alive.  Luckily the tomatoes were in the Wall-o-water things and the peas are still small enough to not have a bunch of foliage to be damaged.

I had just put the chicks out in the outside pen, so I ran out there to see if they had the smarts to get in to the little box out there.  They had, but they also all looked kind of puzzled at the strange white stuff coming out of the sky, which incidentally was piling up at the back door.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to put on some dry clothes and make some hot chocolate...

In that vein

...and this one is probably my second favorite Led Zeppelin song.


That went alright, I guess

The interview went alright, I guess. I have no idea if I made a good impression on them, or not. They said they had a few more people to interview for the job and would have a verdict next week sometime.

Must... not... panic...

Must... not... panic...

Hey, there's a song for that!

Whoa, that's kinda neat

Click the squares. Make music.

I think I just blew a fuse in my brain.

When it rains it pours...

So last Friday morning I went in for the "Observation Period" at [large shipping company] and filled out an application, though they didn't have any openings at that exact moment. Friday afternoon I got a phone call from [very extremely large mine in Wyoming] in regards to an application I did earlier in the week, asking to schedule an phone call quasi-interview on Monday, today. So that's going to happen this afternoon. Again, I don't know whether to be nervous or excited--this will be the first real job interview I've had since I graduated. It sounds like a good job, and I would love to live in Wyoming, but I'd kinda hate to leave my mom all alone here with all this property/garden/chickens. I really think that there's something to be said of the traditional family model with multiple generations living under the same roof. But maybe I'm overthinking it.

But other than that, I just have to ask, how can you go so long without anything and then get two hits in one day?

How could I avoid this meme?

I'm apparently a wimp.

How long could you survive chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor?

Created by Oatmeal

First seen at Borepatch's place, who lasted 20 seconds longer than me.

But the questions don't ask how many handguns you have in your pockets at any given time, and I think I would have done better if that particular information was taken into account...

Raining Led

I've been on a Led Zeppelin kick lately.  This song is probably about my favorite of theirs.


More details

They finished doing the incident investigation on the rocket testing.  Since it's in the newspaper, I thought I'd share.

Ah, good times...

Palm Sunday

It's Holy Week. I don't know if that means anything to you, but it means something important to me.

As they approached Jerusalem and came to Bethphage and Bethany at the Mount of Olives, Jesus sent two of his disciples, saying to them, “Go to the village ahead of you, and just as you enter it, you will find a colt tied there, which no one has ever ridden. Untie it and bring it here. If anyone asks you, ‘Why are you doing this?’ say, ‘The Lord needs it and will send it back here shortly.’”

They went and found a colt outside in the street, tied at a doorway. As they untied it, some people standing there asked, “What are you doing, untying that colt?” They answered as Jesus had told them to, and the people let them go. When they brought the colt to Jesus and threw their cloaks over it, he sat on it. Many people spread their cloaks on the road, while others spread branches they had cut in the fields. Those who went ahead and those who followed shouted,


“Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”

--Mark 11:1-9



One old farmer to another: "Someone made potato salad! Bless them!"

So, if it wasn't a smash hit, at least it wasn't an unmitigated disaster.

More pictures of old tractors, perhaps tomorrow or Monday. Right now I'm just too tired...

The greatest test of my culinary skillz yet

Today, I am going down to my grandma and grandpa's house for the antique tractor club's plow day.  The men in this club have had anywhere up to 80 years of experience eating that classic example of American outdoor cuisine, potato salad--and I was tasked by my mother with making said dish for these men, using the excuse of "I have to go to work" or something lame like that.  So I did my best, and now there's about a gallon of the stuff ready to go.

It looks like potato salad, and I think it tastes pretty good (home-made Wickles and Tiger Sauce in the dressing as secret incredients), but up against a panel of judges as I am going to face, we'll see...

I have seen the future! Again!

And it involves a "SWITL":

As far as I can tell, it's a power-tool spatula, that doesn't leave your ketchup smeared on your glass tabletop!

And now I feel compelled to put down this picture again:

The most unfortunate Rush song ever

They... I find the words hard to say, but... they... rap. A great Canadian atheist libertarian rock and roll band... with white guy rap in it.

It's just not right.


Yep. Sums it up.

My brother sent me this picture:

Tax day, as explained by a professional accountant

Larry Correia brings the goods.  You should go and read it.

Cut cut cut cut cut.

More music

After watching that song I had this morning, I noticed this one was alongside it.  It's so weird that I had to do it too.

Senior Aerobics? As a music video? Well, whatever works for you, I guess.

More "Contol"

From SayUncle I saw this article that talks about disabled people being more likely to be victims of violent crime. A couple days ago I posted a video about Christians calling for more gun control, where I said
"Rarely in human history has gun control led to lower crime rates... the question then becomes, what are gun-control advocates really trying to control, and is it really the Christian obligation to support them?"
Think about those things--and my question now for you to ponder is this: how is calling for policies that deliberately restrict the most effective tools to protect a person who might otherwise be unable to defend themselves against a violent attack morally superior to trained, armed defense?

BAG Day--a new picture of my new gun, with more grip bleg for good measure.

The original grip bleg.

This is the new 642 with the Pachmayr grippers I found at the gun show last weekend, with the stock grips on top for comparison:

You can see why the grippers wouldn't be that great for pocket carry.  HUGE.  The other thing about them is that my fingers actually go right on top of the finger grooves unless I hold on to it really low, which actually makes it less comfortable in some ways to hold on to than the little stock grips.

So yes, I'm still looking.

And now... some more music

Now with extra whistling!


More props to the Swiss

In addition to having great clocks, banks, knives, cheese, and chocolate, as well as having shooting as the national sport, the Swiss are neat because they have the guidelines to making your own brandy up on their national website.  Sure, you've got to do the actual distilling at a commercial distillery, but since the BAFTE's website seems to be mostly concerned with firearms (with alcohol and tobacco crammed into one page) and laws, rulings, and regulations, the Swiss get major props in my book...

I have seen the future!

And it is made out of... glass? And full of shiny happy people!

Just... don't be throwing any stones, right? Oh, and you can expect Windex sales to skyrocket--buy stock now!

And now... some music

Have been able to find a pattern in the past week or two of my music selection?


R/C Blackbird

If this isn't the coolest thing you've seen all day, then I really need to know what you've been doing, because it must be FREEKING AWESOME.

Layman's Beer Making: Bottling

So we've done the brewing, and racked it into the secondary fermenter for a few weeks--now it's time to bottle the beer. 

Start by cleaning and sanitizing about 50 bottles.  This batch, I think, I used about 45 bottles, but it's good to have a few extras just in case.  I use the sanitize cycle on the dishwasher, which is the easiest way to do it.

While the dishwasher is running, mix up some sanitizer solution, assemble your equipment, and clean/sanitize things. The important stuff that we haven't seen yet are the bottler (the red thing with the big lever on it), the bottle caps, and the bottle filler cane (the thing with the black tip that's in the bucket in the picture).  You will also notice that this bucket has a spigot in it to ease bottling.

Start soaking a bunch of bottle caps in a bowl of sanitzer.

We have to add some more sugar to the beer to give the yeast something to eat to make CO2 to carbonate the beer. Different beer styles call for different amounts of sugar. You usually will use corn sugar, as the yeast will eat it without making off flavors appear in your beer, but I have heard of people using all sorts of things for this purpose--even using a sugary liqueur, which has the added benefits of boosting your alcohol content and giving a flavor that would be hard to put into beer otherwise. Assuming you go the traditional corn sugar route, you need to boil your sugar in some water to dissolve it evenly.  Boiling for 10-15 minutes also removes the dissolved oxygen from the water, and at this point we don't want to expose the beer to any more oxygen than we need to, or else it will be more likely to oxidize.

Get the carboy or bucket you are using as the fermenter and siphon the beer out of it into the bottling bucket--remember to try to avoid sloshing, spraying, or otherwise exposing the beer to more oxygen.  While you do this, gently add the sugar solution.  If you don't think the sugar has mixed in with the beer evenly enough, you can gently stir the beer with a long spoon. Oh yeah, and make sure the spigot is closed.  Don't ask me how I figured out that last one...

Now is where things start getting crazy--you will probably need another person to help you (at least, I've never bottled by myself).  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of this part because, well, I needed both hands.  But I'll describe how I do it, and if it isn't clear, you can ask in the comments. 

Put the full bottling bucket on the counter and attach the hose to the spigot.  On the other end of the hose, attach the bottling cane.  The bottling cane is a little device with a spring and a gasket, that when pushed down onto something allows the beer to come out.  The idea is to insert it into an empty beer bottle and push it against the inside bottom of the bottle, allowing the beer to come out.  When the bottle is full, you stop pushing on it, the spring pushes the gasket closed, stopping the flow of beer, and you can move on to the next empty bottle without wasting your beer on the floor.  This process also minimizes the amount of oxygen exposure.  Whoever is doing this part will need to sit lower than the bottom level of the bucket--I'd suggest using a short footstool to sit on so you aren't sitting on the floor.  I would also suggest doing this over a towel, and not over your priceless antique Persian rug, unless you think you can do it without overfilling any bottles.

The now full bottles are handed over to the person with the bottler and bottle caps.  My bottler has a little magnet in the brass-colored crimper-cup that holds a bottle cap.  Put a cap on the magnet, put the lever in the upright, vertical position, adjust the height of the device to fit whatever type of bottle you are using, put the bottle in under the cap, and pull down on the lever.  You can think of it as reloading your bottle, and seating the bullet--and depending on how pressurized your beer is, that may be closer to the truth than you'd like!  This picture might give you a better idea of how it works than the one up above:

Repeat until you're out of beer in the bucket.  You will probably need to tip the bucket up at some point to get the beer level up over the bottom of the spigot opening, at which point you probably only have a few bottles-worth of beer left in the bucket.

Last, clean off the bottles so they aren't sticky and put them in boxes to sit for another couple weeks. It may be a good idea to put the bottles on a towel, in case you over carbonated any (that hasn't happened to me yet, cross your fingers). They need to sit for the yeast to eat the sugar and carbonate the beer.  And anyway, they always say that the batch is ready to start drinking about the time that you open the last bottle, so the longer they sit, the better the beer will be (to a point, at least). I also like to mark the bottle caps with some distinguishing symbol so you know what kind of beer is in them, especially if you are going to have more than one batch at a time.  This was supposed to be an Irish red ale, so "R" it is.

There you have it.  A Layman's beer making guide.  This is by no means everything there is to know, but is is how I currently do things.  There are people who are way more hardcore, and keep track of the exact temperature/sugar content/whatever other little detail you want to fixate on, but I always like to keep in the back of my head that the Vikings made beer by using "magic spoons"--if they could do it, then you can do it, as hardcore as you want to go.  And always remember the unofficial motto of all homebrewers:   Relax.  Don't worry.  Grab a homebrew.


Massive Attack, that is.


You're probably all sick and tired of my chicken pictures

But sometimes I just can't help myself.

For now they all fit in the bucket for transferring them out to the big chicken pen from their little box during the day.  They are rapidly getting bigger, though...

An interesting article

My friend the history major sent me a little video called "Pastors and Gun Control."

My reply back to him:
When you look at the numbers, and realize that very high percentage of all gun crime is done by repeat offenders with an ever-escalating rap sheet, and rarely in human history has gun control led to lower crime rates (except Japan, maybe?  There always has to be an outlier... But it does often to large-scale genocide), the question then becomes, what are gun-control advocates really trying to control, and is it really the Christian obligation to support them?

Or, for another perspective, Herrick Kimball of The Deliberate Agrarian said once when confronting anti-gun Christian in his comments:
"If I understand you correctly, you are willing to trust in God’s protection alone, without any attempt at self defense, even unto death. Like I said, I find that commendable. I would suppose that, by extension, you are also willing to let any children in your care be killed without any attempt to defend them. I do not find that commendable."

There is a time and a place for martyrs, but I do not believe it is at the hands of a street criminal.


I have a couple of friends who work for [large shipping company], who told me that said company is always looking for people to load the trucks.  Apparently, it's a high turnover job--maybe because the wages are just above subsistence farming level and the hours, of which there aren't many, are from OMYLORDIT'SEARLY:30am to THISISWHENEVERYONEELSEWAKESUPam.  Not something any sane person would want to build a career on.  But it would be a job, and it would leave the rest of the day (assuming you can stay awake) to look for a real (read: engineering) job.

Sounds worse than soil testing, my previous horrible job.  I don't know if I want you to wish me luck or not...

Remind Me

More Royksopp, since I'm at it. This video has the best use of infographics I've ever seen outside of Wired Magazine.


I don't know what that means

Just looking at the job search websites today, and ran across one that asked for you to send a "confidential resume" to the address.

What, exactly, is a "confidential resume"?  Do you have to leave off your name and contact information?  If so, WHAT'S THE POINT?

Communications FAIL.


We've started to put the little chicks out in the big chicken pen during the day.  There's an enclosure inside the pen so they don't get beat up by the adults (yet) but they've got enough room to run around.

You can almost see the big hens waiting for the chance to peck at the little ones...  it has to happen at some point, though.


Blogger's got a beta mobile version that I turned on the other day. This is what it looks like (except, imagine it on a very small screen).  I don't know how many people visit on a smartphone or what have you, but I thought it was a nice option.

Another day...

...another campaign promise that lies shattered and broken...

It's been too long...

...since I had any Röyksopp going on in here.


Sunday Links

First:  The Runt Compound is a year old today!  Congratjumalations!

And Random Acts of Patriotism is starting a donation pool to be payable to JayG if he ever relocates from Massachusetts.  That's a cause that I can get behind!

Added:  And one more to go with that state relocation thing, the Adaptive Curmudgeon has moved to a more financially responsible state.

Follow The Leader

John Reuben is one of my favorite Christian musicians. He thinks.  This song is off his "The Boy vs. the Cynic" album.  Even if you don't like the tune, I would urge you to read the lyrics.

They’ve got me pinned against the wall
It’s political and predictable
Anything you say will be exaggerated and completely blown out of proportion
Ignore them if you can but I doubt you will
They’re out to control how people feel by pushing their agenda on your sub-conscience
While you’re unaware they start the brainwashing process
Time to call out the unwilling
The ones who need to be cut deep in order to have feeling
You’re not used to facing opposition
You’ve done all the talking now it’s time to listen
I understand you want to make a difference
Well you can start by sticking to your own business
You’re an entertaining man trying to be a politician
Stop abusing your position

Follow him follow them follow me follow you follow who
Follow your leader
Do you even know what you’re buying into
Before you follow your leader
It’s the blind leading the blind
Don’t be so eager to follow your leader
Know the truth before you try and turn me into a believer
And make me follow your leader

Conservative uptight right wing republican
Last time I checked I was none of them
But that’s the brush you want to paint me with taint me with
Some aim to please but you aim and miss
ADD maybe, but I can’t tune you out
I would change the station but your signal's too loud
And you’re too proud to realize you’re a moron
Defend what you want whether it’s right or wrong
And this applies to both sides of the equation
Arrogant men in power sure are frustrating
On a pedestal you hear them ranting and raving
Proudly proclaiming what they know nothing about
I hear you talking loud but I will not allow
Tinsel Town to show me how to run my life
Sure you can sing and dance
But that don’t mean that you’re qualified to give America advice


There’s a snake bite in America’s skin from predators looking for causes to sink their teeth in
There’s a snake bite in the church’s skin from predators looking for causes to sink their teeth in
There’s a snake bite in the media’s skin from predators looking for causes to sink their teeth in
There’s a snake bite in the youth of America’s skin



Specifically, Linux Mint.  As far as I could tell from my reading, it is a more user-friendly version of Ubuntu (that statement is probably a gross oversimplification).  Had some issues getting Firefox 4 installed over the included version of 3.6, but I luckily have a geeky little brother who runs a Linux machine, and after a lengthy phone call we got it, Minecraft, and the server program we use to play it up and running.  That was the extent of the issues.  It seems to be a fine operating system.

Oh, and a version of this picture is what I have as my background:

Ahh, the image alterations you can do on your phone these days...

Back from the Gun Show

I cleared the place out of all the J-Frame grips that were available in the entire show--namely, a single set of Pachmayr "Gripper" grips.  Not at all what I wanted, but for $10, it's hard to go wrong, and I won't feel bad if I try to cut them down to the size I want and butcher it.  A little bit grungy, but with a toothbrush and some soap and water, they'll clean up nice.  I also found a package of CCI 38 Special shotshells for cheap, so I got them, too.

On the way home I stopped at the last gun store that I haven't checked yet, and they, too, have only Hogue Monogrips, which (I think) are ridiculously huge on the little revolver. [Added: Not that I think these Pachmayrs are any smaller.]

It's still weird to me that no one makes a J-frame boot grip with a covered backstrap.

Linky Linky Party

To go along with JayG's "GET OFF MY LAWN PARTY," telling the politicians to leave you alone, comes Alan's "Fuck You Party," running on Borepatch's platform of "Vote them out.  All of them." but with an extra couple layers of tar and feathers, just in case.

Hell in a handbasket, folks.

As is so often the case

I don't really know what is going on in the video, but I sure like the song.


Cookie Batter

Chocolate Chips
Maybe some Baking Powder
Maybe some Cinamon
More Sugar (if needed)
More Vanilla (if needed)
More Butter (needed)

You can put an egg in if you want.  I didn't because I didn't want to.

Make a nice big cookie on a cookie skillet (like this) and eat it hot with some ice cream on top.

Or just get a spoon and eat the dough.

President Dead Squirrel Hair?

Donald Trump says

"I love this country, but this country is going to hell. ... The world laughs at us. They won't be laughing if I'm elected president." 


The world might not be laughing, but I sure will.


Added today are two more:

TANGO JULIET, who has stopped by here a few times.  He just got a new Smith and Wesson revolver, go look at the pretty gun.

The other is reciprocation for Dakota South, run by 9x19 Dan. 

As always, if you link to me, and you don't look too crazy (by my entirely subjective reasoning), then I'll be happy to give you a link on my sidebar!


There's a gun show this weekend--might I be able to find some sort of 642 grip solution there?

Only time will tell! Specifically, 4pm-7pm tonight, 9am-7pm tomorrow, and 9am-2pm on Sunday.

Cue Orchestra


Ongoing Story of my Computer


The Backstory.


It's even got the same background picture of Independence Hall that I took and completely forgot about!

Now, which version of Linux should I try to download on my CRAPPY INTERNET?

(Seriously, if there's anyone out there who knows anything about Linux, let me know. I'm clueless)

Hey, look I have internet!

While my internet is up, I'll tell you a story about one of my distant Kansas family members--I think she's a second cousin twice removed, or something.

She was a nurse, and worked hard for many years supporting her husband, who was going to vet school.  Recently, right when he was about to graduate and start a clinic, and you know, actually start to make a living, she out of the blue divorced him and moved to Mexico to work as a horse rider in a circus there. 

I am not making that up.

As far as I know she is still there.

The moral of the story is: people are weird, crazy, and sometimes slightly stupid.

Sucky Internet Again

It is going to become a battle of the will--

Will we grow accustomed to the status quo of the internet not working,
or will we break down and call a different company?

In any case, I am not hopeful for being productive today.

Moning Groove


REAL New Technology from Google

It's Chrome OS--this video has been out since last year, but this is the first I've heard of it.

On a day like today, however, I would like to bring up a major issue I have with "The Cloud"...



The internet is completely crapping out on me today, and I hate using my phone to write on, so I hope you aren't expecting too much. It never fails--every time we start thinking about switching internet providers, it gets its act together and works fine for a while. Then this happens. We ought to just switch and get it over with.

With a real british accent

I watched Robin Hood (the version with the real british accent) the other night, and have been singing this song ever since. Now it can be stuck in your head, too.



Attention! Attention!

When I am king of the wasteland, my first decree will be that All Meatloaf Will Have A Honey Mustard Glaze. (I'll say it in bold like that, too)

You may now go about your business!

Double featured

Did you know that gun patches are also very useful at getting the dust out from between your computer's keyboard keys? That fuzzy side just grabs the lint right up.

Yes, yes I am bored.

Immagine that!

China doesn't want to share.

But not my guy!

According to Rasmussen, 16% of likely US voters think it would be good for the country if the entire congress was reelected.

But 40% think that their representatives should be.

I'm not sure if "hypocrite," "double standard," or "cognitive dissonance" would be the better way to describe it.

Preserve it

That drugged bug band of the 60's that everyone knows about never clicked with me the way the Kinks did. I've loved the Kinks ever since the first time I heard them--the quirky, sometimes loud but always contemplative music fits my eclectic tastes perfectly.


Ckicks in the Sun

Alternative title: "Bound to disappoint countless people who are using google to find something completely different"

ANYWAY... we've started to put the chicks out in an old collapsible puppy run. So far they haven't been able to get over the top of it.

It was funny, a couple of them seemed to be playing the lava game, where you can't touch the ground or else you'll burst in to flame.  They clung on to the feeder for dear life until they figured out that the grass was actually kinda fun.

Grip Bleg

In order to show what I am talking about a little bit more, I drew the following picture:

So after shooting the 642, peering long and hard at how I hold it, and sickening myself on a glut of internet forum BS and hearsay, I think I have come to a few conclusions on what I would like in a grip.  I have also discovered that I don't think anyone makes my perfect grip.

My first problem is that my fingers are kinda like one of those freeeky-looking Aye-Aye lemurs:

Thin and long.  My ring finger rests on the finger swell that is on the stock grip, which pushes my middle finger out a bit from the grip.  Hard to get a comfortable grip on it.  So one thing that I have been thinking of is looking for grips that don't have the finger grooves, or with possibly a bit more to the front of the grip.  That's #1 on my picture.

The one that I have been looking for the most, since it seems like someone, somewhere should be making it, is a grip about the same size as the stock one, but with a covered backstrap.  The closest I have been able to find is the Crimson Trace Lasergrip LG-405, and while I like the shape of it and am not opposed to the idea of a laser, I am not going to spend almost the same as what I spent on the gun itself for grips.  Crimson trace ought to sell versions of their grips without the laser!  But everything else I have been able to see with a covered backstrap also extends the grip, compromising the pocketability too much.  The other benefit to a covered backstrap would be an increased length of pull, which would be good for my (aforementioned) long fingers. That's #2 on my picture. 

The last possibility, that seems the most common, would be a grip that is thicker/beefier/rounder, but still with the uncovered backstrap and bottom.  The main problem with this option is that it is hard to evaluate with a picture on the internet, and none of the stores I've been to in town have any grips evaluate in person (there is one more that I know of that I haven't checked, but so far no dice).  The stock grip, when mounted, is about 1 1/16" thick--but manufacturers don't seem to put the dimensions of their products out there.  New Jovian Thunderbolt just talked about some micarta grips that look pretty darn neato which fit this category.  The $70 price tag is at the extreme high end of my budget, though. That's #3 on my picture.

Now to the bleg.  Is there anyone out there with some sort of experience with aftermarket grips for a J-frame?  Anything that sounds like it would solve all my problems (or some of them--or one of them)?  Anyone who knows the width of the grips on their revolver so I can get an idea of what's out there?  I am even willing to entertain thoughts of the dreaded "pink grips," assuming they fit my hand.  Is there anyone out there who wants to laugh and point at me and my ridiculous requests (don't answer that)?

Oh, and here's some gratuitous gun porn:

Quote of the Day

"...trying to kill someone is rarely the first time you get involved with the law. But that won’t stop the gun grabbers from blaming me for a criminal run amok on the streets of Raleigh."

--Sean Sorrentino, of An NC Gun Blog

Think about that. These rights-restrictors want me to be declared a criminal for something that I've never done. They want my mother, who doesn't have a concealed handgun permit, and who doesn't even really like guns, to be locked in jail because my dad's old rifles are sitting in a closet. They want my grandpa put away for the rest of his life, because he's got a 10/22 with a "extended capacity banana clip."

A silly little video...

...with lots of 80's/90's movie references. To start you out right on your Monday.


This is going to sound kinda weird

Last night at about 4:30 I woke up because an owl was hooting just outside my window. 

Stupid inconsiderate nocturnal animals.

A gun "Scripture" for the Sunday after 1911 day

Wilson has some good stuff for you to check out.

Sunny with a high

A song for spring.


A Picture

That soup I made yesterday.

A trashed houseboat

Crowbars and clawhammers are my tools of choice. There's such a large margin of error when you're told "Tear out all the screws so we can get the plywood out."

This is a 1978 Boatel houseboat--the underside of the plywood floor has no protection from the water between the pontoons. I'm surprised that it's lasted this long without someone falling through into the lake...

So, new 2x4 frame, new plywood floor, new walls, jack the ceiling back up to it's correct height (the 2x4's the walls were on had rotted so much in most places that they were more like 2x2's...

My Uncle is still trying to convince everyone else to just scrap it and buy a new boat.

Lawn Care

I am going to attempt to mow the lawn this morning, for the first time this year.

It must be spring.


The Rockies lost to the Diamondbacks in the season opener last night, after 3 extra innings.

It must be spring.

Creepy Saturday Music

Sorry about the subtitles; the "official" version doesn't allow embedding, and thus doesn't get my business.


Soup Recipe

7 cups of chicken broth
1.5 cups of dried lentils
1.5 coarse chopped onions, covered in red wine and sea salt, and roasted in the oven
4 chopped carrots
4 small cloves of garlic, pressed and fried until golden brown
1 can of chopped tomatoes
1/4 cup of sweet vermouth
Salt and pepper to taste

Put it all in the crockpot and cook it till supper time.

Garnish with green onions and cheese.

Serve with some good bread (like my latest go at sourdough).

A new record

I just realized that in March I made 115 new posts, up from the previous record of 94 in February. 


Some people blog by like a JDAM--a highly focused, efficient attack that demolishes it's target but leaves the buildings standing next to it unharmed. 

Some people blog like a hand grenade--their words maim the subjects and keep three soldiers out of the war for the price of one.

Me, I blog like a B-52 making a bombing run while mistakenly loaded with rubber chickens.

For those who don't like numbers

The Czar has a graphic up on the federal budget, and how much each party is proposing we cut. It even uses simple, easy to understand rectangles instead of a 7-dimensional diagram, for those of us who aren't multi-dimensional beings like the Gormogons, or our congresspeople.

As Linoge says, "Graphics Matter."

New Technology from Google!

Gmail Motion!

Gunblogger Small Hadron Collider

I tried it once before, but it seems like it actually worked today. Maybe a little bit, at least. No black holes yet, though.

Because I was feeling uninventive when I scheduled this post

Some more Santana