Movie Lines: Gladiator

I watched Gladiator last night, in preparation for the final I just took this afternoon.  And yes, the test was that bad.  But there were two lines that stuck out to me:

1)  "People should know when they are conquered."

The reason this one hit me, is, I think, because of how the mainstream reacted to the election last year, and what the O-Team seems to think about anyone who doesn't agree with them.  I get a "We should all agree and work together!" vibe from those people, "and anyone who doesn't like it should get off their high horse!"  The nature of the system, however, keeps the sides roughly balanced; disagreement is built in.  But I am not obligated to agree with everything or anything--in fact, I won't! 

2)  "We are docile... we are obedient... we are treacherous."

Just because I don't like the way this country is going doesn't mean that I am actively planning the demise of the system.  However, because I don't "know that I am conquered," I will not support what I do not agree with.  I am not actively planning the demise of the system, but...
I am waiting for it. 
And the way things are going, I believe the demise is coming, one way or another

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