What I'm doing this afternoon (and probably tomorrow)

Alternate title: Volvo Update Update Update Update (I think that's right. I'm losing track of updates).

My uncle called us up and said he's fixed the Volvo--it was a cracked distributor cap. One of our neighbors (a retired cop who doesn't have much to do anymore) offered to give me a ride down to Olathe to pick it up. So that sounds like it will all work out.

Ah, but there's a hitch.

I believe I mentioned a while back that my Uncle's houseboat was due for it's scheduled refit--it turns out that there is significant water damage to all the plywood. In his own words: "Don't know if it wouldn't be cheaper to scrap it and buy a new boat." So in lieu of payment on the Volvo work, I've been shanghaied into his demolition crew for this afternoon and possibly tomorrow. I told him that I'm good at demo, but offer no guarantee on the quality of the rebuild...

Disarmed this morning

The local college is having a career fair today (with a pretty dismal booth number, but that's beside the point). What's more, my mother has threatened to disown me if I don't go, so, dismal booth number and all, off I go. And the policy for CCW on campus is so convoluted I don't think I want to try it. Which kinda stinks because the new 642 fits so nice in the front pocket of my dress khakis...

Some Santana


Diamond Shotgun!

Forget that weak bow and arrow!

Added: Since Borepatch linked to this video, I suppose I ought to give a link to the Minecraft Wiki so you all aren't in the dark. If you enjoy playing with LEGO's, you'll probably enjoy Minecraft.

A Short Movie Review: Sucker Punch

I paid $10.50 to see it.  It was probably worth $4.

If it wasn't trying to be "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," it would have been a lot better. As it is, I just feel let down by the excellent (and short) action scenes. It needed more B-25's and Steampunk Zombie Krauts. Now, two hours of that would've been amazing.
Unfortunately, the movie didn't have enough like this.

It's weird that the parts that are set in the real(er) life were the parts that strained credibility.

Oh, and by the way, there was quite a bit of 1911 action going on in there, so it was good that I saw it on the 100th anniversary of the Army's adoption of the 1911 pistol.


Alonzo Garbonzo is kinda on the hippie end of the pcychobilly scale, but still good. Besides, it's a song called MEAT! so how could you go wrong?


Off to the movies

My friend the history major is a big movie buff, and mentioned that he was thinking on seeing "Sucker Punch." I thought, "what the heck, it looks like fun," so I'm off to the theater tonight. Though the sticker price on a seat at the fancy new theater is pretty steep--I think it's up to 14 bucks or something ridiculous.

The things we do for entertainment...


Explain to me, please, how Germany is supposed to bail out the rest of Europe after the ecofacists gain control?

Speaking of converting money into noise

That sound you hear is a thousand dollar clutch welding itself together and an 8,000 horsepower (!) engine blowing itself apart while burning through $500 worth of fuel. In 1000 ft. Makes my pistol shooting look pretty tame.

Converting Money into Smoke and Noise: S&W 642

As I had to go to that area yesterday to ship off my computer anyway, I decided to go search for the BLM shooting range I've heard of that's out behind the airport.  To make a long story short, I found it.  Because it was a rainy Monday at 2:00 in the afternoon, I even found it empty!  A nice little structure with a long concrete table.

Wasting no time, I started in on my new Smith and Wesson 642.
 Before any action...

The recoil is, shall we say, stout.  I think it even shook free a couple splinters I had in my hand.  It was also very managable, though, and highly entertaining.  It actually seemed to get easier to shoot as the box of ammo dwindled--I don't know if it was because I was getting used to it or because my hand was going numb!  I went through 50 158 grain standard velocity rounds and 5 130 grain +p rounds.  I couldn't really tell the difference between them--could the extra weight of the standard velocity rounds canceled out the added velocity of the +p's?  Or perhaps I just wasn't paying attention.  By the end I was getting my groups down into reasonable sizes, but obviously need some more work:
I just used this target because it's what I found in the bottom of my range bag--didn't actually run the dot torture test.

The squares are from one cylinder's worth (I was aiming at the 3 circle), and the circles are from the next (aiming at the 9), in case you were wondering.

 And now some empty brass and a dirty revolver:
Am I OCD?  Well, let me just say that after I took this picture I put all the spent brass safely one by one back into the carton.

After I put the revolver away I ran a couple of magazines through my XD just so I didn't forget how to use it--My Word the trigger is so much lighter on it than the revolver!  Then I switched to my dad's buckmark, and was surprised again how easy it is to shoot.  I think I went about this all wrong... aren't you supposed to START with the .22 and work your way up to the heavier recoiling things?

Then as I was driving away I stopped to take this picture, just to give you an idea of of the area:
Nice. huh?

So there's my meandering thoughts after my first time shooting the 642.  Stout but manageable, and I like it a lot. Really, a lovely pocket gun.  I am still thinking about some different grips--something roughly the same size as these stock ones, but a with little bit more width to them--any suggestions?

Added: Link to Grip Bleg

If You Only Had a Moustache

Deploy the Non Sequitir! Full speed ahead!

Oh! all of you poor single men,
Don't ever give up in despair,
For there's always a chance while there's life
To capture the hearts of the fair,
No matter what may be your age,
You always may cut a fine dash,
You will suit all the girls to a hair
If you've only got a moustache,
A moustache, a moustache,
If you've only got a moustache.

No matter for manners or style,
No matter for birth or for fame,
All these used to have something to do
With young ladies changing their name,
There's no reason now to despond,
Or go and do any thing rash,
For you'll do though you can't raise a cent,
If you'll only raise a moustache!
A moustache, a moustache,
If you'll only raise a moustache.

You head may be thick as a block,
And empty as any foot-ball,
Oh! your eyes may be green as the grass
You heart just as hard as a wall.
Yet take the advice that I give,
You'll soon gain affection and cash,
And will be all the rage with the girls,
If you'll only get a moustache,
A moustache, a moustache,
If you'll only get a moustache.

I once was in sorrow and tears
Because I was jilted you know,
So right down to the river I ran
To quickly dispose of my woe,
A good friend he gave me advice
And timely prevented the splash,
Now at home I've a wife and ten heirs,
And all through a handsome moustache,
A moustache, a moustache,
And all through a handsome moustache.



I got out shooting--the little revolver is hand-numbingly fun!  Pics and more later, right now I've got to make some garlic mashed potatoes...

Chick Check

It's about time to check in on the little cheepers.  I cleaned out their box this morning, and so they were temporarily put in a little green plastic bin.  It's funny when they have new experiences, they make quite a ruckus.

They're growing feathers and looking awkward.

Auf Wiedersehen! Get well soon!

Goodbye little green computer

I hope you have fun at the dell workshop!  Come back to me in good condition!

Better Living Through Yoga

PSYCHE! It's a techno remix of an old favorite, the Badger Song! Not a yoga video!

I blatantly stole this video from Weer'd.


More Project 86

On Sunday, even. Hey, they may not be a worship band, but they are a Christian band.


This will only end in tears

While I was out behind the garage spraying weeds I saw this, after the momma dove flew off in a flutter:

It's about the most pitiful nest you've ever seen, on some scrap wood, about waist high, exposed to all the elements (and random passer by).  I don't see it ending well.

Slow day.

Again, in honor of Mother Earth, I think I'm going to go and spray some weeds.

In Honor of Mother Earth

It's Earth Day! So tonight at 8:30, as a show of solidarity for the world, you're supposed to turn off your lights for an hour or something, because apparently that will save the global carbon levels or somesuch. I'm not entirely sure how a mere hour is supposed to affect much of anything, but I thought I would get a head start and turn on my Lava Lamp now.

Rest assured, it will be blazing brightly tonight, spewing carbon and warming my globe.

Also, while we're at it, why don't we re-post that classic of hippie culture, the "Dead Tree Wailing" video!

It's Earth Day, so let's all be stupid!

A little bit harder than usual

I don't have a whole lot of heavy stuff like this, but I quite like Project 86. The lyrics are actually understandable:

One last disguise

Pawns standing in awe of the game
Of the stage
You've worked so hard at building an empire
Of secret rooms to display yourself
And add to your wealth
The sting of.
Oh, it stings
When I saw it all come crashing
I witnessed the sound of a million voices
Screaming for a public hanging

So hide yourself, hide, hide yourself for now.

We caught you plotting murder
And now the Tide is Turning
We'll light our souls, heal our bones
Upon your empire burning

When the world is a target for humanity's market
And all of it's sold for a dime
I've seen the towers of gods
And the power of men
In disguises of the worst kind
I am the words on the page
I am the death among life today
I am the voice of one among the silent
Who's tired of burning among the flames

So hide yourself, hide, hide yourself for now.

We caught you plotting murder
And now the Tide is Turning
We'll light our souls, heal our bones
Upon your empire burning

I do not need anymore truthless heroes
We don't need no truthless heroes

So hide yourself, hide, hide yourself for now.

We caught you plotting murder
And now the Tide is Turning
We'll light our souls, heal our bones
Upon your empire burning

I need truth


Before and After

The sourdough experiment continues. It's finally sour, but I think most of my yeast in the culture died, so I had to add some dry yeast. I've been thinking about doing a sort of sourdough soda bread, too...

Along with this we're having steak for supper.


New Zealand
Burma (Myanmar?)

And then, what do you make of this?


It's actually quite useful.



I just posted 3 times (errr... now 4 times?) in the past 45 minutes. I should try to spread it out a little more. Sorry about that.

Obama's Theme Song?

Much as I hate to associate something I love so much (Rush) with someone who I, um, don't love so much (Oby), the lyrics to this song seem to fit him. Or perhaps a weird mix of how he seems to think about himself and what his actions really are.

Ten score years ago, defeat the kingly foe
A wondrous dream came into being
Tame the trackless waste, no virgin land left chaste
All shining eyes, but never seeing

Beneath the noble bird
Between the proudest words
Behind the beauty, cracks appear
Once with heads held high
They sang out to the sky
Why do their shadows bow in fear?

Watch the cities rise
Another ship arrives
Earth's melting pot and ever growing
Fantastic dreams come true
Inventing something new
The greatest minds, and never knowing

The guns replace the plow, facades are tarnished now
The principles have been betrayed
The dream's gone stale, but still, let hope prevail
History's debt won't be repaid

I don't know. What do you think?

LEGO Starcraft

Combining two of my favorite things!

Fail. Fail. Fail Fail Fail FailFailFailFailFailFail!!!

And that's why building this international coalition has been so important because it means that the United States is not bearing all the cost.  It means that we have confidence that we are not going in alone, and it is our military that is being volunteered by others to carry out missions that are important not only to us, but are important internationally.

--President Obama (emphasis added by me)

Or should I say "Former President Obama," as he apparently is no longer in control of, well, anything at all, really.  I guess he's in charge of his vacation plans, so that's something.

It is really hard to say anything else without devolving into long strings of obscenities.

From The Gormogons, without whom vast areas of knowledge would be lost to the furthest reaches of the internet.

Jobs, a decided lack of

I had my first interview since I graduated scheduled for next Thursday.  I had my first interview since I graduated cancelled this morning. 

Joannie and Joe Madden

How about some traditional Irish music?

Joannie is also in charge of Cherish the Ladies, an all-female group that plays some great Irish tunes. They've come through town here a couple times on tour and are always fun.


Smith and Wesson 642

I used to have in my description of myself over there on the sidebar that I was a "Subconscious Nonconformist," and in the midst of all this internet snubby H8, I just proved it by going out and buying a Smith and Wesson 642. At least it isn't pink.

5-shot, 38 special +p, aluminum frame, stainless steel cylinder/barrel.  Just about $375 out the door, or nearly as cheap as a Taurus analog. No sights to speak of.  Smaller grip than my XD9 Sub Compact.  And it's so light (fully loaded I weighed it at 16.9 oz, compared to the 32.2 that is the loaded XD) that I can put it in my pocket with ease, but not so light that feel like I'm going to break it.  

But I'm sure all you came here for is to look at some pretty pictures.  So without further ado:

Notice:  no lock!  considering that if I had got one with a lock the first thing I would have done was disable it, this way I don't have to go and find any sharp tools, and the gun doesn't have an ugly hole in the side!  Double score!

In the hand. You can compare this picture to the similar shot of the XD here.
If I get any new grips, they would be a little thicker, maybe covering the backstrap, or maybe filling in the grip where the middle finger goes.  My fingers are somewhat ridiculously long so something a little beefier would give me a firmer grip. Any suggestions out there on the Wide, Wide World of Interwebz?

While I was out and about I also picked up a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster. Still on the list is a couple of speed strips.

And here is a side-by-side with the XD.  The 642 is roughly the same height and length as the XD, but it is much thinner in all areas but the cylinder.  When I put it in my pocket it doesn't look as much like I have a couple of bricks in there, and more importantly, it doesn't feel like there's a couple of bricks in there.

Hopefully I can get out and shoot it sometime soon.  Then you'll probably get a post of me telling how much it hurts my wrists.


So there you have it. It's small and pocketable.  It's my tax-return BAG-day gun. And at a time when things like these are rampant, it's my vote of no-confidence in the economy and the current administration.

I guess now I should go and get one of those "Security Provided by Smith and Wesson" bumper stickers for my truck.

Added: Link to range report.


From XKCD.  The part we're interested in is about halfway down the blue section, on the right hand side.  And this entire post is a way of me saying "SHUT UP" to the US press.

Because you can always watch someone doing something impressive and stupid

I went snowboarding once. I fell down a lot. Good thing I started out on the blue slope and not the "◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆" slope.



From time to time, we all have to sit down and contemplate the big questions.  Sure, there's always the standard "Glock vs. 1911" debate that the gun forums are so fond of, or deeper still is the "Is there really a God?" question. Or the classic Animaniacs question "why do hot dogs come in packages of 8 but hot dog buns come in packages of 10?" One of my favorites is "Free Will vs. Predestination" argument, which I honestly believe every theological debate can be condensed back into.  One that seems to be fairly common these days is "What the heck is [insert politician of choice] THINKING?!?!?!?!"

But a question that has been heavy on my mind lately, and I can't seem to come up with any explanation that satisfies. It could just be the question that defines the times...

Why do shower curtains have 12 holes?

Out and about: The Return

Got some eyedrops and a prescription for some antibiotics for the allergy/sinus infection front.  So maybe I can start to feel better in time for the next wave of pollen.

On the revolver front, a place in town has a NIB no-lock 642 that I can get, out the door, for about $375  That's tax and all.  Probably as good as it gets.  About the same price as a Taurus.  So I'll probably be heading back there sometime with a fist full of dollars and a couple hours to kill for the paperwork...

Added: let me be clear here: I'm killing time, not paperwork. And neither would involve the use of a firearm.

Out and about

I am off to the allergy doctor now.  It's only been two weeks since I got my last set of shots, but I may need to move it up.  Hopefully we can work out some sort of solution.  What use is warm temperatures if all they bring is dust storms and pollen?  And the kicker:  I just read that right now we are only in tree pollen season.  Grass doesn't start for another month.  It's enough to make me consider moving to Antarctica.

Oh, and I got my tax returns.  So I may have to go shopping for revolvers while I'm on the town...


From Breda.

I particularly liked this one:

Hmmm... my brother's birthday is coming up.  I wonder if I could find a good (bad) card for him?

Music by crazy british people


To top it all off

While I am having an allergy attack to end all allergy attacks, a massive dust storm has blown in.

The current view out the back door:

What I like it to look like:

Ugh. Just shoot me now.  It will be less painful.

That's it. The End is Nigh Upon Us.

Sure sign of the end: I find myself agreeing with that fat schmuck Micheal Moore.

The Three Most Dreaded Words in the English Language

Post.  Nasal.  Drip.

Then combine them with dry/scratchy eyes, clogged sinus passages, and a small, dry cough, and you have all the makings for a nice sinus infection/doctor visit. 

I don't think I've slept more than four hours in the past two nights.

Yay. It's springtime.

U2 vs Journey

One word for that: "weird."


A Short Movie Review: Secret of Kells

Ever since Breda mentioned it back when, this movie has piqued my interest--I've always like illuminated manuscripts. Yesterday I had the opportunity to see it.

It was short enough that the fact it has only a rather simple storyline doesn't get in the way of the amazingly stylized artwork and excellent soundtrack.  One quibble: I find it somewhat intriguing that someone could make a movie about the Book of Kells, where nearly all the characters are monks, without mentioning the content of the book at all (hint: they're not Buddhist monks).  PC dumbing down always makes me angry.

I would certainly watch it again, and would recommend it to anyone who appreciates things that are, say, non-standard.

At least it's not a land war in Asia

I think this time I'm going to be a little more philosophical than when we were messing around with Iran a year and a half ago. At least it's not in Asia, and at least if they have to reinstate the draft to pay for it I'll probably get to be an officer, now that I have a college degree...



It's the normal things that hurt the most

You know, it's odd, when the entire world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket, it's the normal things that hurt the most. 

One person confirmed dead in crash of small plane just west of Butte

He went to my church in Montana. Can't say as how I really "knew" him, but I know I shook his hand, and chatted during coffee hour. I know that he will be missed.

Life is rough. I pray for his family, and for my church family.

Zombie BBQ: the best yarn color

My mother is a quilter/knitter/embroider-er/etc, and she occasionally tips me off to things that I normally wouldn't have any exposure to, but I still have an appreciation for. She showed me this yarn color, from Lorna's Laces:

I want a hat made out of it, just so I can tell people what color it is...

Nuclear Boy Analogy

This is more realistic than anything the US press has been able to come up with.

Found at the wise and terrible Gormogons.

Not Rum Music

Instead, it's Family Force 5!  I can't remember if I ever put this song up here or not, but in any case it's here now.

Yes, it's ridiculous. Yes, I love it.



I decided that today I was going to start laying out the rows in the garden.  It was nicely tilled from last weekend's tractor work, and nice and moist from the storm that came through last night. Since I was out there, I let the chickens out.  They apparently thought that my rows weren't good enough, and had to lay it out properly for me.

So now you've gotten some chick stuff and some chicken stuff today.  Score!

Chicks milling about

In lieu of actual content, I'll share a video I took of the chicks doing chicken-y things:

They're getting out of the cute and fuzzy stage and growing real feathers.  This makes them just look kinda scruffy and silly.

There.  Don't you feel better now that you've watched something so cute?

Morning Picture

The Bookcliffs got some snow during the storm last night.  This morning it's misty and sunny, and very pretty.

Hopefully it will stay sunny; my brother is off, going back to Wyoming after his spring break, and my uncle is off to Lake Powell to pick up his houseboat for it's every-third-year cleaning/fix-up session.  I want good roads in both directions.

Rum: Last Hurrah (for now)

Find more artists like Gaelic Storm at Myspace Music

Assuming this works, here is the song that started me on my Rum quest. DirtCrashr found it on Myspace. And here I've completely forgotten about that website...

Gaelic Storm is my favorite.


Stupid People and Capitalists

I just realized that I could have bought a bunch of Potassium Iodide the day the word "Nuclear" hit the news, and then waited till now to start selling it on ebay:

(screen capture from around 14:40 today; and prices will only go up!)

I coulda been a millionaire, if only my timing was better!

If you drink a green beer today...

...give me your address so I can come and kick your shin. I'm no beer snob, but, egad, why would you think that green food coloring in a light beer will make you more Irish?

Life is too short for that. Drink a stout if you want to be Irish.

No more rum for you

I never did find the song that I was looking for when I started my series on Rum Education...



Helpful hint: come over to my house and start rearranging the shelves when my mother (who owns the house and, who entrusts it to me) is out of town. It'll be sure to piss me off.

They may not love me but they WILL respect me.

Volvo Update Update Update

It didn't fall off the trailer and I didn't run into anything. Woooo.

The other thing that is going on today is my Grandpa had eye surgery to remove a cataract, so my mom is down at my grandparent's house babysitting, and my brother is home for spring break, so I'm babysitting him and his friends. Actually, I can hear them rearranging the shelves as we speak. Who does that? Gotta go...

Nuclear Tests: Reality Check

If real life was how the media wanted you to believe, the entire western US, most of the Pacific islands, central Asia, western Africa, and the Australian outback would all be nuclear wastelands consisting of mutant cats and glass slag. And yet, here I sit, an hour drive from at least one nuclear test site that I know of, and I don't have three eyes, or even one flipper.

From KurtP

I had no idea that was even an option...

I've been translated.

I found out about this with that old google favorite, "Crazy German Excavator Tricks," or, should I say, "Trucos loco alemán Excavadora," via Sitemeter.

There's all sorts of options, too--I particularly like the Hindi, or "मानक हिन्दी" translation--it looks like how I think my writing sounds.

Wacky ol' Google, you never know what they're going to come up with next.  If they weren't so darn helpful I might be more worried about them and their monopoly on my digital life...

Aging Rum

...with Mike Rowe

As a sidenote, I want that job.


Volvo Update Update

Stage one: complete. I got the trailer, we got the car on the trailer, and we got the car and the trailer home from my friends driveway.

We need to rethink our chain configuration; I don't think it's up to highway capabilities. So tomorrow we'll get it down to my Uncle, hopefully.

Volvo Update

As I talked about here, the Volvo finally tried to die on us.  So today I am probably going to head on down to my Uncle's place, get his trailer, bring it back here, get the Volvo loaded onto it, and maybe bring it back down to his shop.  As it's an hour drive to get to his shop, and I've never driven with a trailer, things could become very interesting.  The only advice I've gotten for driving with a trailer is "Well, it will follow you."  Whee.

French Gas Joke

I hope you're all ready for a bunch of bad puns...

A thief in Paris planned to steal some paintings from the Louvre. After careful planning, he got past security, stole the paintings, and made it safely to his van.

However, he was captured only two blocks away when his van ran out of gas.

When asked how he could mastermind such a crime yet make such an obvious error, he replied, 'Monsieur, that is the reason I stole the paintings. I had no Monet to buy Degas to make the Van Gogh.'

See if you have De Gaulle to tell this to someone else. I shared it here because I figured I had nothing Toulouse.

Rum Music: Escape

Hey--pina coladas have rum in them. Don't judge me.

On a side note, I'm surprised it took me this long to think of this song.


Look what I caught

It's a raccoon.  


Got an email from a friend who lives outside Tokyo.  She says that they are having rolling blackouts about 3 hours at a time to help with the electricity problem, and that gas and bread are already being rationed.  24-hour convenience stores are being closed at night, and all the ATM's are turned off.  She also said that the authorities are telling everyone to be prepared for another major quake in the next 48-hours or so. 

I wonder what ancient Chinese wise man we ticked off so much to be living in such interesting times...

Best Headline of the Day

In this morning's newspaper, the headline that I liked most was "Parties cancel each other out in Satehouse" and goes on the say that 80% of the Democrats' proposed bills weren't passed and 84% of the Republicans' proposed bills weren't passed.

That is exactly how I want my rolling trainwreck of a government to work.  Keep it up, people!

Weekend Chore: a Tale Told in Pictures

Pi Day!

As has been pointed out by some other people,  today is March 14--3/14/2011--Pi Day!


Stretching the meaning of the word

Hey, it says "TA RA RUM PUM," right?

But it was still weird enough for my blog, anyway, so I'm not complaining.


New things

In and amidst all the extra-ordinary new things that are going on in the world right now, today I did something I've never done before:  lawnmower maintenance.  Till I left for college my dad always did it, and after he died I was always gone till the end of May or beginning of April and my mom would have to find someone to do it.  This year, she found me.  So, a trip to Sears, buy new spark plugs, new filters, back home, drain the oil, sharpen the blade, put it all back together again, start it up, immediately  hit a rock, turn it off, take it apart again, resharpen the blade...

...vow to never run it somewhere near gravel...

Oh, and while I was out there a Starship flew over.  I'm not joking.  One of the few remaining Beechcraft Starships is registered in Colorado:

They're about the coolest private plane out there.  We only see it every other year or so.  You could almost consider it a "new thing" since it's so weird looking.  I love living in the landing zone of the airport!

Rum History Lesson

Well, I found it interesting at least. I'm going to have to get some of the reserve rum at some point. And I'm going to have to make some ginger beer, too...

By the way, did you see the picture at 2:30, where there's the gun rack in the liquor store? Good stuff, I say.



I started to read this article and immediately thought "Man, this must be a reactor from the '70's. This shouldn't be a problem with a modern plant."

Then I read that it's a "40-year-old plant." That's 1971. Then I read "Japanese regulators decided in February to allow it to run another 10 years."

I hate to sound harsh, but, what were you expecting?

So far, at least, they haven't even needed to use the emergency cooling system, which is a good sign. Let's hope they won't have to.

Added:  CNN has a "live update" page that you can check periodically. 

Yeah... right

My county's unemployment level has gone up to 11.1%. That's me.

So don't be surprised when I start yelling at the ever-oh-so-confident "economists" who lie through their teeth on the news. When your justification for saying "the economy is recovered" is "well, I still have a job," something is wrong with your sample size.

Rum Video Network?

No idea what this is all about, but I have had some Meyer's dark rum before.  Not as good as Gosling's, in my opinion--it has a strange banana aftertaste.  The videos are all kinda funny though.


Ticked off chick

Most of them are like "AAAAAAH! GIANT HAND! RUN AWAY!" but this one was like "this hand sucks. I hate you."

Yes, I admit that I go out there and bug them periodically.


I did my taxes last night and it looks like I'll be getting a return just big enough to almost justify casually looking for a nice little pocket revolver...

I probably shouldn't, though.


Creeper Mafia

If you don't understand, save yourself!  Minecraft is a drug that you don't want to get started on if you value your sanity and your free time!

Another kind of RUM

it's .300 Remington Ultra Mag.

My roommate has one as his hunting rifle. The hot loads hurt like hellfire.

Sorry about that background music. Very annoying.


For Sale

1 space shuttle 150000000 miles good body needs paint you pay shipping.


I can't leave him alone for half an hour...

Dating Advice

From Sean Sorrentino:
"Ladies. Can I talk to you for a moment? Here’s the deal. It’s expensive to get a full background check on your beau, so here’s how you can shortcut the process. Ask to see his concealed weapon license. The license will tell you two things. First, he’s not a felon, druggie, wife beater, or adjudicated mentally incompetent. Second, it will show that he’s capable of defending you. You might want to pick up a Concealed Carry License for yourself. I mean, how does he know YOU’RE not a felon?"

And in case anyone is out there, I am currently unattached and have a nice, up-to-date, Concealed Handgun Permit.  Just sayin'.

What do you think?

Is this for real?

I'm going to have to go with "NO," since 1) the video was posted summer 2010 and I haven't heard anything else about it, 2) it troubles me that his "water fueled car" is currently set up as a hybrid--I wonder what percentage of the power comes from the water, and how much from the gasoline, and 3) the history of water fuelled cars is strewn with fraud, hoax, and overblown claims.


Rum Repost

reminded me of this one, which I first posted last August.

It's appropriate for my current series of Rum things.


Good News

Republicans Take Aim at NPR's Funding

Make it so.

Sorry, that was a bit non sequitur-ish.

That article goes on to detail things the man said, like
The "Tea Party people" aren’t “just Islamophobic, but really xenophobic, I mean basically they are, they believe in sort of white, middle-America gun-toting. I mean, it’s scary. They’re seriously racist, racist people.”
 and such, but you know, I don't really care what that dude had to say.  Just defund NPR.

Watermelon explosion

Well, I think it's been too long since something exploded around here, so here's a liquid nitrogen/watermelon bomb:

Could this be the end?

My family has had a little old Volvo 240 for about forever. We got it from my Uncle the Mechanic, who had the front end of a '84 and the rear end of an '82, and decided that having one fully functional vehicle would be more profitable than two halves. After we bought from him, my mom drove it all through my childhood, and both me and my brother learned to drive in it, and it withstood 6 years driving daily in the High School parking lot.  When my brother rolled his jeep (yes, it's happened to both of us), it got some snow tires and went to Laramie WY for a semester.  It's been backed into, it's backed into things, and it has severe sentimental and practical value.  I've been driving around town, about half and half with my truck lately, since it gets much better mileage than a 5.8L V8...

Last night, as I drove over to my friend the history major's house to watch Top Gear, Something happened.  It started out with a possible clogged injector, and progressed into a horrendous BANG! and stalled out engine.  I pushed it the last quarter mile to his house, and between me and his dad, who is an airplane mechanic, we decided that, yes, Something Bad had happened.  We got it to run briefly, with it seeming like it had a dead cylinder, but then Something Worse happened, and it BANG!ed again, and wouldn't even start.  So there it sits in their driveway, waiting for my Uncle to pick it up and bring it down to his shop.  I really hope that he can get it fixed--if it's only scrap and parts, well, it'll be another piece of my childhood, killed.  But then, it has over 200,000 miles on it, so it's had a good run.

Rum to Whiskey?

I'm pretty sure if he had stuck with rum, none of his problems would have happened.


I'm a bad American...

I keep hearing all this stuff about Charlie Sheen, and all I can think of is--"Hey, wasn't he that kid in Red Dawn?"

Hot Chicks

I picked up 8 new chicks from the feed store. We were down to 8 anyway, as another one of our old hens died last week, and we can't keep up with how many people want to buy eggs anyway, so hopefully this will all work out. In this batch were four New Hampshire Reds, Two Araucanas, and two Andalusian mix chicks. I'm half hoping one will be a rooster as pretty as the one we had last year, but don't tell anyone else.

So now they're all huddling under the heat lamp, recovering from the traumatic experience of a truck ride in a cardboard box.  Cute little buggers.

Moral Dilemmas

I'm still on all of the mailing lists for my school. They keep sending me surveys, you know, the types of questions that ask "Do you use such-and-such building? What days of the week? What times?" It's really tempting to say that I only use all the computer labs from midnight to two in the morning, and only on Saturdays and Sundays, and that I really like the Cafeteria's interpretation of fine dining, but I don't like to use silverware. So far I've been honest, but if they keep bugging me with questions I may just snap...

That Old Back Rum

Gosling's Black Seal is my favorite. Couldn't tell you why.


Hunter's Ed: Day Two

Morning: Covered hunting rules and regulations. Covered animal types, and seasons for them. Watched a great video on how to field dress and skin an elk. Lots of great noises from the audience on that one, the little boys especially. Funnily enough, it was shown right before lunch. [Added: the guy in the video used a little leatherman knife to do the whole animal, which was pretty impressive.]

Afternoon: 15 minutes of review, then a 50 question multiple choice test. I got 100%. Went next door to the Department of Wildlife's indoor range. Shot a bolt action single shot 22 five times--didn't have to be accurate, but did have to demonstrate safe gun handling skills.

Remarks: luckily I finished the test quick enough that I was in the first group who got to shoot, and I got my orange Hunter's Education card much sooner than the 5:00pm that I had anticipated. All in all it was a very worthwhile experience, and I really believe that some sort of class like this should be a mandatory thing, as much as that grates against my libertarian soul.


Hunter's Ed: Day One

Morning: Mostly firearms--parts, ammunition, and safety. They have several sets of rules, but focus most on a few that are Col. Cooper-ish. It is still a bit confusing with the different sets. Not sure which ones are going to be on the test tomorrow.

Afternoon: Archery, animal vital zones, first aid and survival things.

The people: I have been mostly impressed with the children in the room. Out of about 45 students, I would guess that 75% are in the 8-13 age group. The Fish and Wildlife game wardens teaching the class are doing a pretty good job at keeping it entertaining/interactive enough to keep the kids' interest, but still informative. A couple of short videos from the 70's and a couple from the early 90's have been entertaining, for the style of the people at the very least. There is another whole classroom with 35 other students in another building, for a total class size of ~80 students; the wardens say that this is the biggest class they have ever taught at once. Good.

Miscellanea: on one side of me is a very cynical lady who works at Cabela's, and on the other side is a little girl who just can not keep her hand down, and has to answer every question. They are both keeping my experience here "interesting."

Tomorrow: more class in the morning, followed by a 50 question multiple choice test, followed by a range test, using a "bolt action single shot 22 rifle." Any problems are currently unanticipated.

A different kind of rum

Red Rum

C'mon, you were amazed, admit it.

Hunter's Ed

Today I go to Hunter Education. Something I've been meaning to do for a long time. I'm not terribly interested in hunting, but there were many opportunities that were missed while I was in Montana, so I'm not going to have that problem any more.

8am-5pm, today and tomorrow. Probably be long and boring. But a little bit of class work will doubtlessly be good for me.


You have chosen... poorly

In lieu of contributing to their health plans or taking a hit to their pay check, Wisconsin union members have opted for layoffs.

Because money doesn't grow on trees, just like my mommy and daddy told me.

Serenity Cutaways

For all you Browncoats out there:

Way Cool.

The official website is here.

What Democracy Looks Like

Which is why we are actually a Republic... if we can keep it.

From Sean

Blogroll Update

I added North to my blogroll yesterday.  I like the pictures and the sentiments behind them.  And I do love me some hot sauce.

Rum and Coca Cola

That dang Yankee dollar...


As Weer'd always says...

...Play me out!

Sorry, that song was pretty uncalled for. You didn't deserve that.

Oh well.

Little known fact about me: PART DEUX (Update: MEME TIME!!)

The sequel to this one.

In high school, one of my fellow students was named Robert Ross, but he went by the name of Bob.  I was in a couple of art classes with him, and I got higher grades than him (he was a borderline goth/punk type kid, and didn't really care for an education).  We still had fun, though, and now today, I can say that I got higher grades in art class than Bob Ross.

Now you know.

Added:  And I suppose that I should mention that ASM826 named me a Stylish Blogger.  It goes right along with this post.

It's a meme going around.  Along with this meme I am supposed to say seven things that you may not know about me, and then pass it on to some other bloggers.  Since I already did one random thing, here's six more:

Out of all of my grandparents, I got stuck with the one name that know one knows any of the family history.  I have a McHenry, a McCollough, a McCory, and something that sounds vaguely eastern European, or bastardized french.  But the other names explain why I like Irish music and sunburn so easy.

All through middle and high school I kept a 55 gallon freshwater aquarium.  When I left for college my parents sold the fish and bought a pellet stove to go where it used to be.  Now the aquarium sits up in my room awaiting the future...

I still have, and use, the Swiss Army Knife my dad bought me when I started going to Cub Scouts.  It's a Tinker, and it's missing the toothpick.

Speaking of that, in the third grade I did Scouts, Children's Choir, Church Choir, Little League, chess club, Battle of the Books, and something else that I can't remember right now.  I was so sick and tired of doing extra-curricular activities that I really stopped doing anything.  I blame that year for my general homebody-ness. 

And speaking of Battle of the Books, in fourth grade I maxed out the standardized reading comprehension test, which said that I read at the level of a 21 year old.

I have only gone to a real shooting range once in my life.

Now my "Pass it on" list.  I may not go up to 15, like the rules say I need to, but I'm going to try to put in some thought to it.

First I should definitely list The Runt Compound.  Butch Cassidy there writes about mead, guns, and weird music, three things which are right up my alley, and I sometimes feel like I'm the only person on the internet who knows about him.

Second, Defends Her Own, put on by mupedalpusher.  She's got guns, outdoors stuff, and things about stupid gun control rules.

Next would be Excels at Nothing, with NancyR, who has been doing this blogging thing almost as long as me and was in the same "MArooned Blogroll Update", way back when.  I think Jay nominated her for this meme first, but there's no rule that says I can't do it too...

I'm going to add A Trainwreck in Maxwell, because KurtP has a style all of his own...

The last one I'm going to add is Into the Light, by Stephen.  He stopped posting for the longest time, but I always liked his food and pictures.  Just recently he's been putting up a few more pictures, which I'm grateful for.

Sorry if I didn't go all the way up to 15, but there's some chores that need done, here and I need to get going.  Check out these stylish blogs, though!

It's just the state of the things right now...

With the current state of the economy I'm torn between saving what's left of my money for the future, because it sure doesn't seem like anyone is hiring at the moment, and spending it all on beans and ammo, while it's still worth something.

Yo Ho Ho!




This rig just drove by on the ditch bank, and caused a large cloud of smoke to waft by.

It just lasted a minute, though.  Just burning off the cat tails. to prepare for the water to come in.  Kinda surprising to look out the window and see, though!

Obvious Headline

In today's newspaper:

"Redlands Blockbuster closing, no longer offering movie rentals"

I want to know why they thought that someone would think that a closed store would still be offering rentals.

But at least it wasn't on the front page.


I'm making this, or at least a reasonable approximation of it, today.  The roast has been soaking in the stout overnight.  Should be good...

Perhaps I'll give the sourdough another go, as well--though it still isn't that sour.

Real Feminism

Gun Control:  The theory that a woman raped and strangled by her pantyhose in a back alleyway is morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that bullet hole in him.

Go and read Mrs. Borepatch and mupedalpusher, and their thoughts on this.

Layman's Beer Making: Secondary Fermentation

I know when I was talking in my first Layman's Beer Making post I said I don't usually do a secondary fermentation. But since I was on a roll with that last post, and this is a lighter beer than I usually make and so will visually benefit from being nice and clear, I thought I might share with you my method for secondary. So here goes!

First, gather all of the things you will need.  There on the bottom is the most important part--the 5 gallons of beer, still in it's bucket like we left it two weeks ago.  On the counter is the 6.5 gallon glass carboy, my sanitizer solution (in the big measuring cup), another airlock with a holey rubber stopper, and the siphon (which hasn't been assembled in the picture yet).  Since the carboy has been sitting for half a year, I washed off the layer of dust with some hot water before pouring the sanitizer into it and swishing the solution around thoroughly.  I also ran the sanitizer through the siphon to make sure that everything was clean.  You shouldn't have to worry too much at this point, as the beer has it's full alcohol content, but it is always better to go on the safe side.  They say that a spoiled batch is always just a matter of time, but I have been able to avoid it so far...

Now, what I always find the hardest part, remove the lid.  It really likes to stay on there.  You can see a few of the hop leftovers stuck to the rim--depending on the amount/type of hops you use, there could be some still floating in the beer, but here most of the hops have settled to the bottom.  Be careful not to drop anything in, and be careful not to slosh it.  At this point you want to keep the beer from being re-oxygenated, as this can oxidize the beer and cause off-flavors.

Carefully siphon the beer out of the bucket and into the carboy.  This process is called "racking."  Again, don't go spraying it all around, you want it to go nice and gently, without adding too much oxygen.  Also, try to keep the siphon end that's in the bucket from wandering all around the bottom and sucking up all the dead yeast/hops that have settled out.  The whole point of this exercise is to remove the beer from the sediments.

Plug in the stopper/airlock assembly and move the carboy back to your cool, dark place where you did the primary fermentation.  Let it sit for a couple more weeks to let even more of the sediments settle out.  Technically, now you are in a non-gas-permeable container (that is another problem with the plastic buckets), so you could let it sit this way for a long, long time, as long as you keep the airlock from drying out.  I'm planning on  bottling in a couple few weeks here, so that isn't particularly important to me right now.

Here's all the dregs in the bottom of the bucket.  Dead yeast and soggy hops.  Put it in your compost or down the sink, if you are brave and didn't use whole or leaf hops. 

And that's that.  Still hard to see if this batch is going to be as red as I wanted it, but it should be good in any case.  Perhaps I'll snap some photos when I bottle it, too.

Your Meme-ish song of the day

Take one weird looking person, singing about something equally weird, add a little bit of autotune, and you have...


(Sorry if you're reading this in an RSS reader, you get this post twice. For some reason blogger posted three posts I had scheduled, all at once. -ED)



I'm about to pass 900 posts.


In only slightly related news, I'm still job hunting.

Unlocalled Local Politics.

Reading MArooned and Weer'd Beard, I get a nice perspective on their Governor, Deval Patrick, that I wouldn't get otherwise, since I'm so far west.  So when I hear that he might actually be good for something, I can grin wider than most of the other people in my state.  Hopefully Romney will get knocked down and stay down.  He's even worse than Newt.  Dumb RINO's.

The future...

Here's your pessimistic prediction of the day, direct from my friend the history major.

  • None of our so called "leaders" can figure out how to balance a budget.
  • Within the next few years the US goes bankrupt and gets bailed out by China, because if we go down we're taking them with us.
  • China only gives us the money if we cut back spending A LOT--no more military, and austerity measures that make Greece look like fun and games.

I tried to get him to make a prediction beyond that, but he wouldn't give me any.  But with forced cuts in spending (read: more unhappy unions) and forced tax raises (read: more unhappy tea partiers), I challenge you to draw your own conclusions.

And while I don't particularly like his prediction, I could certainly see it happening.  I would rather we do self-imposed austerity measures, without the military cuts, while we still can.  But I'm also thinking that thinking that is a lost cause.

The Brady Bunch AND YOU

Sean has a nice list of what the Brady Bunch wants. You should check it out and remember it.

Unfortunately, "Μολὼν λαβέ" wont help you out if you want to buy a new gun.

...The Song of the Temperance UUUUNNNIIIIOOON!!!!

I have no idea how authentically prohibition this song is--I think maybe it started out as a temperance song but the ridiculous lyrics were added by people poking fun at them.

"We never eat cookies, because they have yeast.
One bit of that turns a man to a beast!
Can you imagine a sadder disgrace,
Then a man in the gutter, with crumbs on his face?"

Here's a verse I made up for those modern prohibitionists, the Gun-Controller Rights-Restrictors:

"We never will carry a gun like a Glock,
They who would defend themselves should be hit with a rock!
O can you imagine blood soaking the streets?
All the grandmas and children quiv'ring under their sheets."

See? It's easy! Got any others? I'll post them if you leave one in the comments.