Sometimes, while walking school or wherever, worrying about life, you turn around and see amazing things. This morning, while going to my last day of class for the semester (finals week is next week, hence some of the worrying--not to mention the economy, the war, the politicians ramrodding legislation, etc.), I saw some of the most amazing clouds. They looked kind of like giant roses, lit from behind by the sunrise. I quickly shot a picture with my phone (so please excuse the fuzzyness) and the colors faded away. Looking around me, it seemed like no one else was paying attention, and no one I asked later said they had seen it.

Sometimes the Glory of God just reaches out and smacks you on the side of the head and says "Don't worry about tomorrow, it won't happen until tomorrow! Today has enough trouble by itself." (Matthew 6:34, from the official bluesun paraphrase) Sometimes we need to stop for a second and take a picture. All those sayings aren't sayings because they aren't saying something, ya' hear me?

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