Books of 2010: Monster Hunter Vendetta

Started reading at 15:15 9/29/2010, finished reading 14:00 9/30/2010. That's with going to classes today. Stayed up till two last night.

Monster Hunter Vendetta, the newest Larry Coreia book, is very entertaining. Once again, he takes all of the horror movie cliches and fantasy fairy tale creatures, mashes them together with a group of badass goofballs who have all of the coolest toys, and purees it with a blender made out of explosives to serve you a piping-hot cocktail of pure awesome.

Seriously, if you haven't read it yet, it makes me sad. I mean, there are gangsta garden gnomes! What are you still reading this for? Go and read Monster Hunter!

I rate it four hundred and fifty seven bajillion out of ten.


Nancy R. said...

I haven't read it yet because I'm still wating for my autographed copy (fingers tapping impatiently ...)'

I'll probably have to hit the bookstore for my "loaner" copy this weekend and just dive in.

bluesun said...

Monster hunter is one that I wouldn't mind paying for an extra copy (since my copy of MHI is pretty much wore out from loaning it to my family members...), and if I had the autographed copy I don't think I would want it to wear out.