I still get a kick out of this post

This post here.

Especially when someone comes into it from a Google translate page. You just know that they are on their last legs, searching for a desperate hope, and I am the best thing that the internet can throw at them. The LAST... BEST... AND ONLY!!! hope that exists to protect all of mankind from the scourge of ignorance!

What should I be telling them though? Use something other than Excel if you want to do complicated differential equations on the computer!


kx59 said...

you might be an engineer if...
My son commented after three years of calculus he was forgetting how to do simple math and algebra. Memory stack gets full I guess.

bluesun said...

I'm fine with the simple stuff, and I'm mostly ok with the diffeq's, but the calculus stuff in the middle has been mostly flushed.