What I did yesterday

Went for a Sunday drive up in the mountains. The rivers are already high, but there's still quite a bit of snow up top. Most of the lakes are still frozen on top, or at least still have ice in them.

While up there we stopped at one of the little resort/lodges on one of the lakes and had lunch. They make a mean cinnamon roll.


Anonymous said...

2 forks, hmmmmm did you have company? Sorry, couldn't resist. Beautiful scenery, I'll be seeing something similar in a few days when we head your way.

bluesun said...

The things are so huge we had two for four people. And we didn't finish them all.

Anonymous said...

It looks amazingly delicious. My 14 yr old was finally home for a whole day today and she made homemade pretzels...they were good but I'm still craving cinnamon rolls because of you.