I watched an interesting documentary last night, that one of my Aunts bought when she visited Jerusalem. It's called "Israel's War History." It was interesting for two reasons, really. One, it was just a good history of all the the wars Israel/the Jewish population of the Middle East has been involved in since 1914 or so. They interviewed about every prime minister that Israel has had who was still alive when they made it. And two, it was interesting to see something about Israel that didn't start out with the bias of "THE JOOOOOOOS ARE EEEEEEEVIL!" that you always get (and I do mean always) from the US media. In fact, I think they only mentioned the US twice.

In the end, though, the overriding message was this: don't mess with the Jews, man. They're on a mission from God. And they will beat you up.

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kx59 said...

I'm going to have to find that video on line I think. Israel is the biblical Alamo. They have nowhere to go. Every ethnic mafia on the planet knows that the Mosad can, and will get to them. Political correctness does not exist in their world. I pray the middle america will wake up.