Victim Selection

My old retired cop neighbor has entered the race with me for "Catching the Coon the Soonest."  I'm sure you've heard about criminals with poor victim selection--and this is a perfect example.  Between me and my neighbor there's three live traps and four or five .22's.  I'm confident in myself, though, because the past two nights the Coon's come by and rattled the trap enough to trip it before figuring out how to get in.  I'll reset it and reconfigure it tonight, and we'll see how it looks in the morning...


kx59 said...

Many years ago, my dad and I trapped a dozen or so racoons to relocate them. They had decided the attic belonging to the single mom next door to us was a great place to live.
We got a few with a hav-a-heart trap, but the bigger coons would leave a leg stick out the trap door so it wouldn't lock down. they'd bend around and just rip the door open and be on their way. So, we built our own trap, 6 feet long with the bait at the far end and a thick masonite guillotine style trap door that dropped into a slot so they couldn't get ahold of the bottom edge to open it. We never lost another one after that.
Oh, and thanks for the blogroll!

bluesun said...

I had success with this trap a couple months ago. Not relocating, this time.