Books of 2010: Monster Hunter International

I needed to have something to read on the plane for my trip back east last week, and this one was at the top of the pile: "Monster Hunter International," written by Larry Correia, copyright 2009. I read it last year, then I gave it to my brother and he read it, then I gave it to my mother, and she read it.  Everyone, despite our different tastes in books, have loved it.

MHI is about a group of people who destroy evil using violence. Apparently, the classic holy symbols sometimes work, but "...are dependent on the faith of the user. Most Hunters opt for violence over faith; [they're] kinda like soccer fans that way."

This book forever made me hate Twilight--the whole time I watched that movie (I was forced into it, don't judge me), all I could think of was silver tipped .45 ACP and napalm. And the movie would have gone from "worst" to "first!" Hollywood producers take note!

My only quibble is the use of the words "torn asunder" in too many places. It was almost distracting.

Anyway, it is a fast paced book with much mayhem, plenty of illegal weapons (a souped up shotgun, named "Abomination," is described as breaking every firearm law), great dialogue, and the defeat of evil. What more could you want in a book?

I award this book 11 out of 10.  And an A++

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