The Governor of Texas shot a coyote while jogging to protect his dog. He carries a ".380 Ruger pistol" (probably an LCP) with a laser. Sweet, huh?

Just the fact that the Governor is a man who is willing to defend himself says a lot. I'd probably vote for him.

From SayUncle


KurtP said...

I heard this morning that the Austin branch of the PETArd league sent Perry a scare the next one away.

They obviously don't realize (being PETArds) that if it's still there, staring- after you try 'scaring it away'- somethings wrong.

Hollow points for snakes? I guess snake shot doesn't feed to well in an autoloader.

bluesun said...

I wondered about that hollowpoint bit also. Unless by "snakes" you mean "slithery underbelly of society."

KurtP said...

Here we've got the wives .38 revolver loaded as

I figure whatever gets that cylinder thrown at them- if they're still alive, will want to go the other way.

Then there's my 92fs and hollow points for people.