Today I have a four-hour test that starts in an hour, and then I'll work on my senior design project all afternoon. In short, I will be at school all day on a SATURDAY. Next Saturday I have an eight-hour test.



Update 2:

It almost looks like it could be something.  About bloody time--it's due in three weeks!


KurtP said...

What is it going to turn into?

From the looks of the sides, it looks like some kind of jig.

bluesun said...

Ah ha! I'm glad you asked. It's a computer numerically controlled hot-wire foam cutter, for cutting out remote-controlled airplane wings and parts. There will be a NiChrome wire strung between the two vertical axes--the wire will heat up when a current runs through it, and it will be able to cut through the foam (if all goes according to plan...) In the end it should be kinda like this, except built with $700 instead of the $40,000 a professional one costs.

KurtP said...

So that IS allthread and you're going to use servos change the orientation, left/right-forward/back and some kind of retarder to make angles.

bluesun said...

Each axis will have its own motor, and each motor will have it's own controller, so each side-side and up-down will be independent. It should be able to make any shape you want, as long as you want the sides to be straight lines. Assuming we ever get it working, which is another story in itself...