Happy Day After Easter!

I was away from my computer yesterday, so happy day after Easter!

My church had a before service brunch, then we did the service (the pastor told those twice-a-year Christians what for, striking just the right balance between salvation and damnation). After the service, there were leftovers and the little old church ladies wouldn't let me get away without leftover muffins. With about 50 leftover muffins. It was ridiculous the amount of muffins there were.

Then in the afternoon I went out to my friends' ranch, and we had a good time shooting holes in stuff. I mounted some sling mounts on my 10/22; next I want to get one of these. I'm still contemplating doing an Appleseed shoot in May, we'll see what happens.

Now I am back to the real world and need to work on my Advanced Fluids homework. Don't worry, I'm not going to break the fun barrier today.

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