Pie in the Face of Expectations

The Tea Party has endorsed a Democratic congressional candidate in Idaho, Rep. Walt Minnick.  According to the article, he wants to "repeal and replace the health-care bill, eliminate wasteful spending, [and] secure our borders."  Also, he "was the only member of the Idaho delegation to accept an invitation to sit down with a Boise Tea Party group in person." 

I am passing this along just to rub it in the face of the MSM, who is generalizing the Tea Party so hard that I wince, and the Republicans, who are already starting to act smug about all the votes they are going to get this November. 

And the fact that I just said that marks another step of my fall into being a true Libertarian...

Found from the Gormogons, who are truly a bountiful source of political and cultural wisdom.


Stephen said...

I was surprised at this development, but not bummed.

bluesun said...

For sure. Most any time that someone breaks a mold, I am totally for it.

KurtP said...

Except that he's STILL a Democrat.
Which tells me that he'll say anything to get your vote and no matter what he says, he's still comfortable with the way they act- otherwise he'd have an (R), (I) or (C) behind his name.

And when it goes down to the nutcutting you *know* how he'll swing.

bluesun said...

I'm not happy with the candidate so much as I am with that Tea Party Group. Any time they take the opportunity to defy the MSM's label, or possibly prove their own label, is a win in my book.

KurtP said...

True. It would show most anyone with an open mind that the Tea Party is a popular movement with all members looking for the best for America.

But we're talking about people who get their daily talking points straight from DNC Central.