Dressed to Kilt

On April 5th, in New York, a charity called "Dressed to Kilt" (hosted by Sean Connery) put on a fashion show to showcase Scottish fashion.  The theme was "anything goes," and boy did it.  for example, Al Roker:

Not everyone had on kilts--some of them just had tartan. Some were really classy, and some were fairly scandalous.

Also in the show were several veterans who were injured in Afghanistan:

Looks like a good time was had by all!


Nancy R. said...

Don't get me wrong -- I love a man in a kilt. But that travesty Al Roker is wearing? It’s neither fish (Prince Charlie, anyone?), nor fowl (sweater, kilt, kilt hose and oxfords) nor good red meat (black t-shirt, kilt, Doc Martens). The kilt is too long, it looks like clan Sesame Street (primary colors), and what did he do, mug Big Bird and steal his leg warmers? And oh, dear heavens, are those LOAFERS?
Anything goes? Tell that to Queen Victoria who popularized all things Scottish …

bluesun said...

I think I agree with you on most of that--Al Roker doesn't need a kilt for sure.


Weren't you the one who called for Engineer Garanimals?

Nancy R. said...

Yes. Yes, I was.

Garanimals for Engineers. I've been clamoring for them since 1985. Or maybe it was 1987.