Pictures for future reference: a Yew Tree and a Screw

A Phillips head screw on a power drill.

An English Yew Tree (Taxus baccata), from Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania.


I may link back to this from time to time, when the situation (or my anger level) demands it.  Can you see where I'm going?  If so, good for you, I'm not too clever for my own good.  If not, well, then screw yew.


Nancy R. said...

You may find the following web site helpful in this endevor.

Don't worry -- it's safe for work.

bluesun said...

Is it a bad thing that I know what they are talking about?

Nancy R. said...

Not at all. I figured you would. I just wanted to make sure you used the right kind of screw. *grin*