My Ginger Beer Recipe

Today I made Ginger Beer!  I have had different types of store bought, and I made it last year, so in order to make some Dark 'N Stormies, I made it again! 

I cook by taste, so none of this should be taken as gospel truth.  Play with it, taste it, make it how you like it. That's what makes cooking fun!

To start off with, I peeled a big ginger root.  It went into the food processor with maybe two tablespoons of water, and was chopped till it was nice and fine.  This was pressed through a strainer to get the liquid.  I repeated the process with some more water to get more of the gingery flavor.  To this was added about a cup and a quarter of lemon juice and maybe a cup and a half of sugar.  Those are the two ingredients that you can play around with until you get a taste that you like.  I also added 2 teaspoons of Cream of Tartar, just because the internet said I could. Enough water was added to make it into a little less than 2 liters, and then the whole thing was poured into a clean plastic 2-liter bottle.  A packet of baker's yeast was added, with a little bit more water to wash the yeast out of the funnel I was using and into the bottle.  Screw on the cap tightly and put it into a cooler, dark area for a couple of days, or until the bottle is firm.  The yeast eats the sugar and produces carbon dioxide (HAHAHA! I CREATED GLOBAL WARMING!) which carbonates the liquid.  While the yeast does also produce some alcohol, there really isn't enough to be considered above "trace." So it's fun for the whole family!

Making your own Ginger Beer is as easy as pie--give it a try!

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