Well, in an effort to clean up my bookmarks and keep everything up to date, I am doing a Blogroll Update!

In no particular order (I don't want to be too organized, you know), here we go!

First is Butch Cassidy at The Runt Compound.
Then comes JP at Eyes Never Closed.
After that comes Father/Son duo PawPaw at PawPaw's House and DLG at The Displaced Louisiana Guy.
Fifth is Wilson at wilsonblog.
Then is Scott McCray at MacBourne's Musings.

I would be remiss for not mentioning Linoge (and WizardPC) at Walls of the City, that I added a while back but never said anything about. 

And I think that takes care of it.  I'm thinking about messing around with my layout, here, and make two columns for less scrolling to get to stuff.  Maybe not though, as then I would have to, you know, actually do something.  Perhaps I could organize the blogs differently also...

Hmm.  Well, in any case, welcome to the blogroll, one and all.  So far I keep a reciprocal blogroll, and if you don't look too freaky-weird I'll keep that policy.

Added: cybrus, at Lost and Found


Butch Cassidy said...

Thank you good sir. As I sit here eating my lunch, I raise a glass to you.

JP556 said...

Thanks for the add to your blogroll!

cybrus said...

Glad I found your site via JP556! Added you to my blogroll

Linoge said...

Well, regardless of the mention, thanks for the linkage :).