I can't see my house from here!

Because there seems to be some sort of cold white substance floating downwards though the sky.

Yep, it's officially winter.


DaddyBear said...

Color me jealous. We rarely get snow that sticks here. Mostly winter is just Seattle on the Ohio. Gray, rainy, windy, and chilly. Can't even make plans to go sledding, just have to wait for the one or two days a year that enough snow sticks to take the Flexible Flyer out.

bluesun said...

That is my least favorite type of winter. I say, if it's going to be cold, I had better have some snow, otherwise it should be above 60 out.

Mike W. said...

Yes, but can you see Russia from your house?

bluesun said...

No, but I can almost see Canada! Does that count?