Revolver things: speedstrips

I bought a package of speed strips off of The Internet the other day.

(The knife is my little Kershaw that I've had since freshmen year of college)

They're six round sized and the revolver is of course of only 5 round capacity. The gap between rounds is something I picked up on a forum somewhere, probably just internet heresy and rumors, but it does make it easier to hold the strip while loading. I still haven't decided which pocket it would be best in (there's so many pockets and so little space!).


Weer'd Beard said...

I keep mine stuffed full.

Jay packs the 7-shot quick-strips for his 242Ti even when packing one of his 5-shots.

The idea is it never hurts to have a few extra rounds.

In the end chances are low I'll need to draw my J-frame (heck I mostly carry a 1911) lower that I'd need to fire it. Lower that I'd need to empty it, and need to reload. Almost nothing that I'd be reaching for dropped strips to stuff that extra round into the gun.

Speed strips are the best way to carry a reload. They weigh almost nothing, they take up very little pocket room (compared to speed loaders) the only drawback is they're a hair slower to reload with.

bluesun said...

Hmmm... thanks. I figured since I've been carrying the 642 around so much (the XD may not be that big, but its amazing how hot you get when you're working in a building with no a/c and it's 100° out) I ought to have a few extra rounds on me.

Thomas said...

I found out by accident that you can fit two loaded speed-strips into an Altoids mint can. Keeps the ammo lint-free, out of the way, and concealed.

I would consider loading the speed strips all the way up to 6 or 7 or whatever they hold. You don't get a whole lot of rounds with revolver carry and two loaders x6 is a bump up from two loaders x5.

Mick said...

I keep mine filled the same way; I can strip off those two, slam the cylinder shut and have at least two on the movee a lot faster than anything else i've tried.