An interesting article

My friend the history major sent me a little video called "Pastors and Gun Control."

My reply back to him:
When you look at the numbers, and realize that very high percentage of all gun crime is done by repeat offenders with an ever-escalating rap sheet, and rarely in human history has gun control led to lower crime rates (except Japan, maybe?  There always has to be an outlier... But it does often to large-scale genocide), the question then becomes, what are gun-control advocates really trying to control, and is it really the Christian obligation to support them?

Or, for another perspective, Herrick Kimball of The Deliberate Agrarian said once when confronting anti-gun Christian in his comments:
"If I understand you correctly, you are willing to trust in God’s protection alone, without any attempt at self defense, even unto death. Like I said, I find that commendable. I would suppose that, by extension, you are also willing to let any children in your care be killed without any attempt to defend them. I do not find that commendable."

There is a time and a place for martyrs, but I do not believe it is at the hands of a street criminal.


Sean D Sorrentino said...

Thank you for posting this video. It was great to see Bill Grumbine in the video. I used to live about 15 minutes from him and he's a fantastic person.

Heeding God's Call is just another Astroturf group. They'll dry up and blow away when they realize that they aren't going to succeed. The major problem with their "Code" is that it violates the law. Just read it and see how stupid they are.

A parallel gun trace system, videotaping sales, and no sales if the NICS system gives a 3 day default proceed. They are nuts.

Anonymous said...

As to Japan, the low numbers have often been blamed on bureaucrats fudging the numbers to ensure their promotion. It looks bad if murders are up in your district, so murders are frequently recorded as suicides. Assault victims who die after 30 days are recorded as natural deaths, etc.