Attention! Attention!

When I am king of the wasteland, my first decree will be that All Meatloaf Will Have A Honey Mustard Glaze. (I'll say it in bold like that, too)

You may now go about your business!


Sean D Sorrentino said...

No. I have a gun, and in my section of the wasteland, meatloaf will have whatever glaze (or lack of glaze, i've never checked) that my wife puts on hers. I'm pretty sure that there is no "honey-mustard" abominations in any of her food.

You can put honey mustard glaze on my meatloaf when you pry it out of my cold dead fingers!!!

bluesun said...

...and thus started the first Wasteland War of 2021.

KurtP said...

OK, because of the English influence here, we can't have tomato/ketchup or raisin gravy on the meatloaf,,,because it ISN'T RIGHT!

Because the ONLY meatloaf they've ever had was mine, surprisingly enough given the cost of their meat.

What's the recipe?

bluesun said...

It was just a standard recipe, but when there's about 5 minutes left you dump off the liquid on top and put on some honey mustard glaze (which is, surprisingly, honey and mustard mixed together).