I had an interesting experience last night that has got me thinking.  We were sitting in the living room watching a movies when someone knocked on the door.  Thinking it was the neighbors, I jumped up and answered .  It was a nervous looking lady wearing a hoody pulled tight around her head.  She looked to be hooked on something that doesn't do nice things to a body.  She mumbled something about how she was walking up the street going to another street and she needed a match or a lighter for a cigarette.  I was kind of confused, said, "Okay!" and shut the door in her face.  I ran to my room to grab some matches, went back to the door, and handed her some matches.  I said, "They're strike anywhere!" and shut the door in her face again.  Afterwords, I felt kind of bad for her.  I mean, I don't know if she was some sort of drugged up serial killer or just a nervous lady down on her luck. Maybe she was just scouting to see if we had anything cool, or maybe she needed some food.  Should I have done something different?  How does a Christian balance compassion with personal safety? 

I am going to pray for wisdom, and I am going to keep a round chambered.


Stephen said...

First thing, is NEVER open the door if you don't know them without having a gun. That is a standard MO for home invasions. Happens all the time. There is nothing unchristian about protecting yourself and your family. Closing the door was the right thing to do. For me, any chitchat, or inquiring as to their well being would be done after I returned with a gun close to hand. Then there is nothing wrong with asking if they are OK. Just my thoughts.

bluesun said...

It was just unexpected. I think that was the first time anyone besides my neighbors have knocked on the door. Definitely going to be more careful in the future.