A Few of My Favorite Things: Knives

I was looking around my room here and decided to take a picture of the knives I had within reach.  It turned out to be more than I was expecting. 

In addition to the old standard Swiss Army Knife and basic Leatherman, there are two Mora knives (one with a wooden handle and one plastic handle, that lives in my coat pocket), a cheapo generic knife that I got for Christmas a couple years ago, a "claw blade" Buck Knife that was the first knife I bought by myself for myself after escaping High School and the draconian pocket knife rules, a "bird and trout" knife without any crannies to collect gunk, a Cold Steel machete my brother gave me because he had one already, and my spring assist Kershaw Leek that I carry all the time.  Seems like a pretty good spread.

No, I don't know why my brother had two machetes.

In case you care, yes, I have read Mors Kochanski.  I admit I bought the book mostly because some tree-hugger reviewer on Amazon didn't like it 'cause it tells you to chop down a tree on every other page.

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Stephen said...

Without leaving my chair. 1. Schrade LB5 with a few remnants of mule deer blood and hair. 2. 4 inch cheapo lockback that came free with a construction pro calculator. 3. Two folding razor knives, a Kobalt and a Husky 4. Husky multi-tool 5. 3.5 inch Gerber lockback. Not nearly as impressive as that lineup of yours. Nice stuff.