Gobama, or Undead Arising, or Zomboma

Sorry about the quality, this is from my Cell-o-phone

This sign was seen on a professor's door today. Is it just me, or do those hands look like they are reaching out from the grave?  So should it be "Guuuuhhhhhhhhbama?"


Nancy R. said...

It's hard to tell from the photo, but 1. those hands don't looked decayed enough for zombies, and 2. the look awfully, um, "monochrome". What?? Not diversity on campus??

Maybe they're just looking for their hand-out?

bluesun said...

Yeah, hey, they're all red! What kind of message is that spreading?

Another one-two combo on campus is in the liberal arts department there is a sign on a professor's door that say something like "Celebrate Diversity; don't discriminate." Right next to their computer lab that has a sign that says "This lab is for Liberal Arts students ONLY."

I say, from the deepest depths of my heart, "Whatever."