Snowshoeing (is that how you spell it?)

I went snowshoeing today. The snow was really terrible.  It wasn't crusty at all, and very deep.  Every step was me lifting my leg, foot, socks, snow boots, snow shoes, and about 4 pounds of snow.  Good work out, though.  I guess I'll take that as a consolation prize.

Then there was also some sort of cross country skiing race going on--there was Spandex everywhere!  Apparently, really tight clothes are a prerequisite for skiing.   Yet another reason why I prefer snowshoes.

Here's a couple pictures:

This one is actually from a year or two ago, but it shows my snowshoes. They're pretty sweet.

It was a pretty bleak day most of the time.  The temperature wasn't cold, but the scenery was... gray.  Just a sidenote: if I ever post pictures of landscapes, there's a pretty good chance that it will be taken into the sun. It's not smart, or correct, but it's one of the things that make me who I am.

And this was just messing around with the settings on my camera.  I thought it looked kind of cool.

And last but not least:  Happy Valentine's Day (if you are into that sort of thing).  Or, if you are boycotting the Hallmark Holiday, that's cool too.

By the way, can you think of any other words that have three vowels in a row?

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