Smith and Wesson 642

I used to have in my description of myself over there on the sidebar that I was a "Subconscious Nonconformist," and in the midst of all this internet snubby H8, I just proved it by going out and buying a Smith and Wesson 642. At least it isn't pink.

5-shot, 38 special +p, aluminum frame, stainless steel cylinder/barrel.  Just about $375 out the door, or nearly as cheap as a Taurus analog. No sights to speak of.  Smaller grip than my XD9 Sub Compact.  And it's so light (fully loaded I weighed it at 16.9 oz, compared to the 32.2 that is the loaded XD) that I can put it in my pocket with ease, but not so light that feel like I'm going to break it.  

But I'm sure all you came here for is to look at some pretty pictures.  So without further ado:

Notice:  no lock!  considering that if I had got one with a lock the first thing I would have done was disable it, this way I don't have to go and find any sharp tools, and the gun doesn't have an ugly hole in the side!  Double score!

In the hand. You can compare this picture to the similar shot of the XD here.
If I get any new grips, they would be a little thicker, maybe covering the backstrap, or maybe filling in the grip where the middle finger goes.  My fingers are somewhat ridiculously long so something a little beefier would give me a firmer grip. Any suggestions out there on the Wide, Wide World of Interwebz?

While I was out and about I also picked up a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster. Still on the list is a couple of speed strips.

And here is a side-by-side with the XD.  The 642 is roughly the same height and length as the XD, but it is much thinner in all areas but the cylinder.  When I put it in my pocket it doesn't look as much like I have a couple of bricks in there, and more importantly, it doesn't feel like there's a couple of bricks in there.

Hopefully I can get out and shoot it sometime soon.  Then you'll probably get a post of me telling how much it hurts my wrists.


So there you have it. It's small and pocketable.  It's my tax-return BAG-day gun. And at a time when things like these are rampant, it's my vote of no-confidence in the economy and the current administration.

I guess now I should go and get one of those "Security Provided by Smith and Wesson" bumper stickers for my truck.

Added: Link to range report.


Mike W. said...

Cool piece! I carry my snubbie in a Nemesis as well.

bluesun said...

I like it a lot better than the Uncle Mikes I have for my XD.


Hey I just realized this post could be titled BAG BUG!

Linoge said...

Lookin' good!

I have been slowly considering my potential "pocket rocket" choices, and given already having a wheel gun and wanting to keep my caliber collections to a minimum, I see a hammerless revolver in my future.

And, thankfully, due to the irregular nature of the firearm design, actually picking it out will be a whole lot more complicated as well...

Butch Cassidy said...

Looking at that little thing has me hoping my LFNs come in soon so I can use my model 36 as a I can shoot my 36 more.

What description of speedloaders are you going for?

Also, welcome to the oddballs who actually like snubbies club. We accept you, we accept you:

doubletrouble said...

Nice catch!

Don't go berserk w/heavy loads & your wrist will come through just fine.

bluesun said...

The speed strips I was thinking of were something like this. From the four stores that I went to today, none of them had any, so I'll keep looking around.

Tango Juliet said...

What snubby hate? All I see is love for the little guys.

(Or at least a grudging admiration.)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Nice addition to your collection. They are sexy little guns for sure but the pink would have been even sexier :)

Weer'd Beard said...

Got one just like it, and I love it. Also good on you for buying one sans lock. S&W needs to be encouraged to delete that ugly and pointless feature!

Also you might be suprised at how good the sights are.

Dry-fire the shit out of it to clean up and break in the trigger.

Also good choice on the Desantis, great pocket holster!

Velcro8ball said...

You might want to look into a Mika holster. I have one for my 642. It is durable and breaks up the outline well.