By popular demand, I unveil what knife was hidden in that box. It's a KA-BAR TDI, in the small size.

They call it a "self-defense knife," to be drawn with the gunless hand. It comes with a plastic sheath with a metal belt clip that can be switched from side to side. I'm still trying to decide how I'd like to carry it. I currently have my keys, my leatherman, and my XD on my belt, so finding an ideal way to do it is like playing a game of tetris.

So I kinda bought it as a fallback for going to school with, as I can't carry my gun there.  But I kinda bought it just because it looked cool and I had money burning a hole in my pocket.  You can never have enough knives, right?

And FTC, FCC, FAA, FUC, and ETC-- my money was spent on this product.  I spent it freely, and willfully.   No one gave me anything.  No one asked politely.  No one forced me to.  No one.  You are the one with the sound of jackboots playing in the background while you stomp on the first amendment. A pox on you and your house!


doubletrouble said...

I read an article in "Concealed Carry" I think, about wearing the knife on the weak side to aid in retention of your strong side firearm should an attempt be made to pull it from your holster.
The plan was to grab the offender's arm & slash with the blade in the weak hand.
Sounds like a good plan, & that blade, carried handle forward, would fit the bill straightaway.

Butch Cassidy said...

I can certainly sympathize with the Tetris bit. I ended up bumping a fixed blade from my carry habits when I first started carrying a full-frame pistol and still haven't found a way to get one back on my belt.

I was entertaining thoughts of the larger TDI and have heard nothing about the smaller one. If you are pleased with it after a little field-testing, I may have to try one out.

Wilson said...

That is a cool knife! You’re making me want one myself, unfortunately (or fortunately) I just bought a Ka-Bar tanto and I’m short of funds right now for another. But I will put it on my “list.”

bluesun said...

Gee, maybe I could get a commission from KA-BAR?

Mike W. said...

You most definitely can't have enough knives. I have 3 on my person as I type this.

Nice Ka-Bar!

bluesun said...

Yeah, I have the three on me, and probably 5 or 6 more withing grabbing distance, depending on if you count the machete as a "knife" or as it's own thing...