Favorite WW2 Fighter

F4U Corsair. 2000 HP of Zero-eating death.

Such a good noise.

Most seem to like the Mustang, which, don't get me wrong, is a very pretty airplane... but there's something to the Corsair that I like. Maybe it's just one of those contrarian things that makes me who I am. Still, I think it's one of those classic arguments, like Glock vs. 1911, where both sides can have very good points.


Butch Cassidy said...

I still love the Hellcat. They just look all business.

bluesun said...

If you're going all business, I'm for the Thunderbolt.

Sean D Sorrentino said...

It's the pretty gull wings.

Plus they were so easy to fly that even John Laroquette (later of Night Court fame) could fly one.

Chuck Kuecker said...

My favorite also, for tail draggers. The late F2G version with the four row radial, especially.

The P38 is my favorite for sheer nasty sound. Had one fly over years ago, at about 1000 feet, full throttle. Those turbos on the twin V12s sound awesome.