Keep the Catblogging Alive!

Concerned that Fractal's coldish thing wasn't clearing up, and indeed seemed to be getting worse, we have now got him on some antibiotics, which have to be forced down his gullet with a little dropper thingy. 

It's amazing how sharp and pointy a 2 pound cat can be.


Ruth said...

If he's food driven (ie: comes RUNNING for food and treats) try pill pockets. If he's not food driven dont' bother trying them they won't work.

bluesun said...

Unfortunately these are liquid drops, a bright pink liquid that looks like it should taste like bubblegum. I don't blame him for protesting. Just put on the leather gloves and do it...

Ruth said...

That would make it harder. Never had to get a liquid med down my cats, can't help with that one. good luck!

Jennifer said...

Swaddle him just like a newborn baby. Make sure to wrap him very very tightly. This even works with my 18lb rescued feral.
How to swaddle:
Use a sturdy blanket that is squarish (you can fold a towel into a squarish shape) that is at least twice as long as kitty from corner to corner.
Place him diagonally on the blanket on his back with his head near one corner. You will have to keep one hand on his chest. Preferably your non-dominant hand since he's going to fight.
Grab the corner on the side of your free hand and wrap it across his body pinning both front paws down. If you can, tuck it behind kitty.
Bring up the bottom end tightly pulling the in back legs. Everyone forgets how dangerous the back claws can be. You can go ahead and cover his face with this part for now.
Now take the corner from the other side and pull it tightly around the hopefully bean shaped kitty.
Fold down the part you just put over his face and you should be ready to medicate your kitty without injury.
Dang. I should make a video of this.

bluesun said...

He's really settled down after the first couple times, and I hardly even need gloves. It's funny to hear a cat purring so much that he is gargling his medicine!