Google FAIL

Not. A. Single. Damn. Person. Likes. The. New. Google. Reader.

And in all the Google forum posts, not a single reply from Google. None.

Add me to the list of haters.

Anyone out there have a suggestion for a better (I'd maybe even settle for different) reader?


Alan said...

I use Reeder, but if you're stuck in Windows I'm sure there's a similar app that will take the horror that is Google Reader and make it more presentable. There's no fix for the sharing though.

Ruth said...

Can't help with suggestions, I'm hoping for a few myself. You can add me to the bunch that hates the new GR. After I saw it I went and deleted my Google+ account, I'd only ever joined out of curiosity and never used it, and by leaving I got to FINALLY leave feedback about what I thought of them screwing with stuff!

Quizikle said...

Book. Paper and ink.
500 years of working the bugs out.
Batteries don't need charging.
Can use on airplane during takeoff and landing.

bluesun said...

Alan: It appears that all of the possible re-skins out there are currently broken with the new version. Perhaps I'll give it a couple days and look again.

Ruth: Yes! If I had wanted to be a member of G+ or whatever the heck it's called, I would have joined already.

Quizikle: Yeah, but then you'd have nothing to read about on this blog!