More Thanksgiving leftovers

What, you have several pounds of leftover ham?

Why not make Split Pea Soup?

Adapted from this recipe-ish thing, though I used ham juice instead of chicken stock. If you've got it flaunt it, huh? Oh, and the carrots were frozen from the garden.

And that was the latest bread experiment, with the sourdough started added to the dough and then aged for about a day, cooked at normal bread temperatures (~375) in a sealed casserole dish. Turned out pretty darn good, though the crust is still a little thick for my taste. I'll keep experimenting, I guess.


Weer'd Beard said...

Having some right now!

I run a stick blender through mine to make it smooth.

bluesun said...

Usually my peas cook down a little more, but for whatever reason they stuck together this time.

BobG said...

Not too big on split pea soup myself. I usually make lima beans and ham from my leftover ham bone and scraps. If it has some good smoke flavor to it, I make blackeye peas sometimes.

bluesun said...

I pretty much lived on split pea soup in college. Love that stuff.