A new toy

My mother recently expressed an interest in having some sort of pocket knife to carry around with her, a sentiment with which I heartily agreed.  However, being a school district employee (a school district which does allow knives under 3 inches, but...) I decided that it would probably be prudent to find something "cute and nonthreatening."  I purchased two knives to give her a choice, a small Classic Swiss Army Knife (which she chose), and the knife that is going to be talked about here, a Spyderco Honeybee (which I got to keep--what fun!).

I've been wanting a very little pocket knife for some time, for those occasions where one pocket clipped to your pants might not be appropriate (though truthfully I'm not sure what occasion that might be...), and this one fits the bill admirably.  Here you can see it next to my old standby, a Kershaw Chive:

Cute little bugger, huh? It has about an 1.5 inch slip-joint (no lock) blade--they make one that's even smaller, which is getting into "ridiculous" territory.  It is very sharp--probably the sharpest factory edge I've ever seen.

It is engraved with the Spyderco logo on the side, and the blade says "Spyderco" on one side and "China" on the other.  That was the only downside to this knife, the made in China business.  I've been looking and looking, but to find a small knife like this that is made in America you a going to be paying 4-5 times as much as the sub-$10 I paid for this one.

A good quality small knife, nice enough to use, cheap enough to abuse. Hard to complain about that.

Added: here's another picture to show a little better how small it is:


Butch Cassidy said...

I do not like Spyderco's offerings, but this thing looks neat...

bluesun said...

Hard not to like something this little, and dare I say, cute.

BobG said...

Nice lookin' toothpick.