Thinking about it

I think I'm going to go for it.

Oh man.


kx59 said...

The 308?

bluesun said...

The final blow was my mother offering a contribution as my Christmas present. <$800 is not bad.

Butch Cassidy said...

So, you are telling us that you either got quite a raise or plan to start hand-loading?

My love of full-power rifle cartridges finally necessitated it for me.

bluesun said...

Reloading is another thing that I want to learn how to do with this gun.

Mr. R offered to bring down some more of his stuff that he isn't using and teach me the ropes next year. And he said I ought to at least get a rifle now, I can get it set up the way I want it later. Foot in the door, after all.

So between wanting a 308 "battle rifle" of some sort for a long time, my mother's offer of Christmas contributions, me saving a sizable chunk of change since I've been working, Mr. R's prodding, and a good deal, it was a perfect storm.