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Looks like Robert "Don't Be A Dick" Farago is up to his old shenanigans again, this time with the very artwork that I made for Weer'd's blog header.  Just thought that this would be a good time to explain that the very first time I went to Da Trut' Abou' Whatev, I saw that the writer was saying "If you don't have proper training you shouldn't be allowed to carry a gun" and "We attempt to examine the gun issue from a fair central position" or somesuch, two things that, even in my nascent gun state, raised red flags and warning signs. The writer seemed, to me, anyway, to be trying to pander to all sides.

[As an aside, and in case you weren't aware, "gun issues" are not something that can be compromised on. There is no "agree to disagree."  The anti-rights cultists want to be able to control you.  Your firearms are what keep them scared--I was going to say "honest," but it has been shown time and time again that they are anything but.  And when you consider that most cases of countries governments enacting gun control of various sorts inevitably led to the genocide of millions of people (pdf warning), do you really want to even start down that road?  And pandering in general just proves that you are only there to get attention, and calls into question your credibility.]

In any case, nowadays I make very sure to carefully check every link before I click on it in case it goes back to that attention whore's website.  If on a google search I am looking for information on a particular firearm and see that TTAG is one of the websites with a review, I make a pointed effort to ignore it.  After all, the Gun Blog Black List came into being directly as a result of ol' Robert Farwhatsit, and what's the use of a black list if you ignore it's basic tenant?

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Weer'd Beard said...

FYI that graphic made that crappy site look the best it ever had!

Liked the banner since you first sent it to me, love it more and more every day. Thanks again.

BTW my first red flag was that I first read a TTAG article shortly after their launch when Mikeb302000 linked him saying "This guy is reasonable".