Typical Government Effectiveness: an Analogy

So at work I've been using a free program made by the Army Corps of Engineers, a super-duper double-effective government bureaucracy if ever there was one.  This program, called HECRAS, is sort of a standard in the industry,  apparently, used for analyzing river hydraulics.

Let me just say that this program is the perfect representation of our government.  It works, marginally, at what it was designed for, but is so incredibly frustrating for a person to work with that you often want to throw your computer across the room.  The provided documentation is extensive, yet hard to understand, and seems to leave out a few key points for basic functions.  The user interface leaves something to be desired, and, the best indicator of all that this program was designed by a government bureaucracy, THERE IS NO UNDO BUTTON.

Who else would  make a computer program that deals with hundreds of cross sections, each of which having hundreds of points, where if you screw up and delete the wrong point you can't undo it?  Only something that has never met an agency it couldn't grow, and doesn't know the meaning of the word "cutback".


Mudbug said...

Love that program.

bluesun said...

You are crazy, I think.