Back from the Career fair

And the only two jobs that I am entertaining seriously are about as random as possible.  The first is (seriously) the Navy.  I have never really thought about joining the military before, but the Civil Engineer Corp has a lot of good stuff going for it (there is also the nuclear engineering route, but I am ~6'5" and don't like hitting my head on stuff).  Basically, if you don't come out of there with a Professional Engineering license, well, you'd be a pathetic excuse for a human being.  You work on many different projects and pick up quite a varied experience.  Once you get out, you would have a PE and be ready to rock wherever you wanted to live.  Downsides:  I don't like push-ups.  You would have to live on the coast, i.e., San Diego, which would violate my #5 Rule Of Life: "NEVER SET FOOT IN CALIFORNIA."

The second was a job as a maintenance engineer with Peabody Energy, probably in and around Gillette, WY at a coal mine.  I am not terribly interested in what I would be doing, but WY would be a great place to live. 

Coal mining or the Navy?  Not everyday you get presented with that choice.

I still have hopes of finding more possibilities through some professors, and I really ought to take the GRE just in case I decide on grad school.  All in all it was a long, not terribly hopeful day, but at least I got a free taco dinner out of it from one of the meetings.  That's my #4 Rule Of Life: "NEVER PASS UP A FREE MEAL."


KurtP said...

You know that there's a SeaBee base in Gulfport. MS. Usually if you're an Atlantic fleet Seabee, they don't PCS you across the Mississippi.

At least that's the excuse my detailer gave me for not sending me to Beeville, TX on my last posting.

bluesun said...

I wonder how seriously they take requests for locations. If I just said "moral obligation to avoid sunny CA..."

KurtP said...

I'm not sure about the officers, but there was a guy that got some leeway in his CEC assignments.

From what I've seen, officers might think they get a bad deal, but enlisted really get the dirty end of the stick when it comes down to who gets the better treatment.

Nancy R. said...

I work with a retired Navy guy who is 6' 8" and dealt with living on a ship okay.

bluesun said...

I still think the civil direction would be more my style.