Despite what the Brady Bunch would have you believe...

I went shopping yesterday with my XD on--my first time out and about with it.  The video store, both sporting goods stores, Goodwill, the ranch store, and the shop that sells Carhartt stuff.  No blood was shed in the streets, no long, drawn out hostage confrontations with the police, nothin'.  My gun must be broken.

But what I was shopping around for I didn't find.  I was looking for a stiffer leather belt--the one I have now is wide enough, but not quite stiff enough, and the ones I have that are stiff enough aren't wide enough.  After that Oberon Leather kerfluffle, I am slightly ashamed to say that I have now fallen in love with another expensive custom leather product

Perhaps this would be a good time to learn how to do leather working...

Added:  I decided to make the belt into my birthday present, instead of anything else (like a kindle case that will last longer than the kindle).  Sure, it ruins any surprise, but is much more practical. 

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Alan said...

I have two beltman belts that I've had for years. Best gun belts ever.

Worth every cent.