Cheating in the Schools? Not so fast...

My school apparently has a "big problem with cheating."  In fact, one of my professors mentioned that the Saudi Arabian Government (there are a lot of foreign students here, mostly in the Petroleum Engineering Department) sent a letter to the school telling them that they need to clean up their act and take care of it, for our "Reputation is on the line." 

Here is where the issue lies--the students who are cheating are the foreign students.  In all of my time at this school, through my direct experience and through my freinds', the only times we have seen cheating is with the foreigners.  I mean, I'm sure the "natives" do it too, but it's the Saudis and the Kazakhs who are the ones who send down someone to distract the teacher and then pass tests (!) around, who always expect someone else to do the homework for them.

So to the Saudi Arabian Government, go blow it out your ear.  Your own students are the ones who are hurting our "reputation," and if you stop sending them it will not hurt my feelings one bit. 

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