Caliber Thoughts

The other day me and my roomate were just goofing off and looking at all of the different calibers we have sitting around here. I give you one of the most absurdly over-armed college apartments in the neighborhood (I can't boast too much, because it is Montana, after all):

from L-R: we've got .22's, .380's, 9mm, .45 ACP, .223, and .300 Remington Ultra Mag (for that extra kick).

Then, because I was just working on a lab report and had excel open, I made a little graph:

Not that it's useful for anything...

And none of this counts our neighbors, who have six or seven more assorted hunting rifles and shotguns. And none of this counts the other rifles back home in CO that have my name on them (another hunting rifle of a more "reasonable" caliber, and a varmint rifle). And all of this is from four relatively poor college students.

So to all you gun banners out there:  if an "arsenal" is 6 guns (or whatever number you want to pull out of your ear to make you happy), and just within these two apartments we have over 15 guns, are we planning a revolt?  Or a mass murder?  Or are we just people who enjoy shooting--for recreation, self-defense, and preservation of our way of life?

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