Watched National Geographic's "Lost Fleet of Guadalcanal" last night on Netflix, and I have to say, this is a very good documentary.  Made before the Nat Geo devolved into complete and utter global warming alarmism (seriously, have you tried to read any article in one of those magazines lately? The pictures are still pretty as always, but the writing is only pretty sad), it comes in three main parts--Dr. Robert Ballard's expedition to find all of the sunken warships in Iron Bottom Sound (that guy was a childhood hero of mine), historical footage and commentary about the Battle of Guadalcanal (covering the land sea and air), and interviews with veterans from both sides of the war, getting together with Dr. Ballard to see again the ships they served on after being at the bottom of the sea for 50 years.  For me, someone who has been interested in the history of WWII, particularly in the Pacific Theater, since elementary school, it was very neat, and even moving at times. 

Two thumbs up.

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