A Short Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows

Went to see Sherlock Holmes 2 over the weekend. I really enjoyed the first one, but I wasn't expecting much from the second. Came out pleasantly surprised. The first one was good because, I think, it was so unexpected--a different style than most other action-y movies coming out nowadays. The only reason the second one isn't as good as the first is because you go in to it knowing what to expect. This doesn't mean that the quality is any different, though.

The plot involves Prof. Moriarty, an arms buildup in Europe, Dr. Watson getting married, and averting a world war, culminating in an ending that will separate those who know their Sherlock lore from those who are just looking to kill a couple hours (seriously, lady in the back who gasped--you didn't know enough about the story to expect that?).

While the slow-mo may be a little bit over used, it is so much better than the jerky shaky cam that most action movies use these days--and it will lend itself well to dubstep remixes on Youtube once it comes out on video! 

If you enjoy a good Hollywood flick, especially one with nice Victorian era trappings, or if you are a Sherlock Holmes fan who can stand to have their heroes put in to a bit more action than is possibly canon (though I do remind you that Sherlock was an amateur boxer, and Dr. Watson did always carry his revolver), I highly recommend this.

And it has made me want to go and dust off my copies of Sherlock Homes again, which is never a bad thing.


kx59 said...

Cool. I liked the first one as well. I'll probably wait until the second is available on pay per view though. Moving theater prices have gotten beyond ridiculous.

bluesun said...

I hear you there. It was at the slummy theater, and it was still $10.50.

Weer'd Beard said...

One question: Is Holmes a Junkie in this one?

Tony Stark, now Sherlock Holmes.

You're going to hire a Hollywood junkie to play famous junkies why suddenly are my junkie heroes on the wagon???

The opening scene of Iron Man II where he's testing his blood toxicity I said "Well yeah, because he had like 5 martinis and wants to make sure he can go on stage....NOOOOOO

As an Iron Man fan from the 80s Tony Stark is a drunk in a Wheelchair. I understand if you want to introduce the chair later but MAN don't make him just occupationally get liquored up, that's the WHOLE Point of an anti hero!

Also to Daniel Craig, if you want to play the gritty Flemming James bond, not the campy Rodger Moore/ Pierce Brosnan Bond, you better get used to the feeling of a cigarette in your mouth!

Also in similar news there was a TV series for Golgo 13 on Tokyo TV that's now on netflix...again, no Cigarette/Cigar? WHY? He kills people and treats women like shit, but it might be morally wrong to glamorize tobacco???

bluesun said...

In the first one cocaine was mentioned, in this one he is getting liquored up on embalming fluid (formaldehyde, I think it was). So I'd say "yes"!

Rahul said...

Maybe it is just me but it hard to think of anyone as Sherlock Holmes other than Jeremy Brett, the late actor who played it to near absolute perfection in the BBC granada TV series. That was a work of art so near to the description of Holmes by Sir Doyle that you began to doubt if Sir Doyle had seen Brett through a time machine and written Holmes or vice versa. I have seen many movies and serials of Holmes by various productions but Brett can never be replaced as Holmes. For me, Holmes never dies at Reichenbach Falls (though Doyle was forced to get him back in the Adventure of the empty house). For me, Holmes died the day Brett died. Every great actor or director once in their lifetime gets buried under a tomb of immmortality because of one performance or movie (Ramesh Sippy could never shake off SHOLAY....never). Same with Brett...till his end, he could never be anyone other than Holmes.
I tried seeing Holmes Part 1 as potrayed by Robert Downey jr.....How does one describe it?Too painful to watch one of the greatest fictional literary figures ever being massacred by mediocrity. I stopped after 20 minutes and went back to the comfort of youtube to see Brett in my favorite story of all...The Adventure of the Dancing Men. No offence against Downey Jr. He may be a fine actor but the nuances you need to play the mad genius of way. It's like asking any actor of today to re-enact Vijay Verma of DEEWAR...That was a role that Amitabh was born to play.

bluesun said...

Well, like I said, it's a Hollywood action movie. If you go into it expecting anything else, you're probably not going to like it.