Wanna hear something funny

Belgium just ended a year and a half with no government. Not sure why they felt the need for one after getting along without it for so long. Those Flems and Walloons just can't get along.

But I just thought it was funny that the place where the UN EU (sorry got my pansy European groups mixed up again) meets didn't have anything but King Albert for so long.


bluesun said...

Man, re-reading that makes me wonder if I need a nap or something. Pretty crummy writing style, if I do say so myself.

kx59 said...

Read ok to me. maybe I need a nap too.
This is why our federal government wrings their hands when the money starts running out and runs to the media to drum up some panic, cuz ZOMG THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is GoInG to SHUT DOWN!
Their biggest fear is that the 'merican peeple will discover we can get along just fine without them.
(probably better, now that I think about it)

bluesun said...

Too many ongs.

Pam said...

As I read this I can hear hubby helping teenage daughter edit a paper about a character in the book Lord of the Flies (a book she didn't like)! I can hear tension in her voice in response to some of his questions and suggestions! Hubby is an incredible writer and with little doubt he will help her polish her paper even though she is tired of dealing with it and it's 10:30pm!

bluesun said...

And you never heard of anything weird or horrible happening in Belgium, did you?