You got an hour? Cry Wolf.

Here's an interesting documentary by a first-time young film maker, detailing the story of the wolf in MT and Yellowstone.

As always, there is more to the story than what the government and its agents tell you on the national geographic.

From a friend in MT, who sent it to me saying:
"It is a rare occasion that I find something of value on the internet worth passing on.

When you have an hour, you should watch this movie made by a local Montana kid. You can watch it for free on his website, or you can buy the dvd and support a local.

Most of you whom I am sending this to I think already know a lot about the impact wolves have had on the western states. Some of you I am sending this to will think I am a right wing conspiracy nut. I really don't care."

I would have to say that this video is heavily biased in the other direction, and some might not care for the Christian theological arguments at the end, but that doesn't mean it should automatically ignored. The points that interested me the most were that Yellowstone was not the natural habitat of the wolves in the first place, and that Fish and Wildlife used money (the guy in the documentary says "stole") that was supposed to go to the states via the Pittman-Robertson Act to fund the Wolf project.

Pretty good for a first time documentary.

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